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Celebrity Life Coach, Christina Johnson’s ‘Amazing Me, Amazing Life’ Weekend Retreat Tour Launches in Atlanta

Christina Johnson- Certified Life Coach
Christina Johnson

*Inspiration speaker and certified life coach Christina Johnson will kick off her second annual “Amazing Me, Amazing Life” weekend retreat tour, April 21-23, 2017, in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.

Held at a 5-star private ranch estate, the intimate retreat features a sleepover-like atmosphere, guest speakers, mediation and therapy sessions, beauty pamper stations and one-on-one coaching with Johnson. Speakers for the retreat include Seven Johnson, Skyy Wonders, Fonda Fredericka and others.  Celebrity Chef Tregaye, Food Network winner, will prepare dishes for the event.

“I do the event so women can come together and help each other and love each other. That’s what it is about – building.  Everyone leaves their stuff at the door and release and let go of things that aren’t serving you. I hope when they leave it’s a new beginning. We always leave on a high. We’re feeding your soul and feeding your spirit,” Johnson says.

She adds, “Loving yourself is the foundation to having great relationships and key to enjoying a happy life. I am committed to help women feel good about themselves, have peace with past choices, love themselves and most of all have fun.  I think as women, we know each other’s battles. We, as women, are powerful when we come together.”

The weekend retreat is designed to help guests transform from the inside out, increase their self-confidence and strengthen their belief about what’s possible for them through doing the tough work in a loving atmosphere. Johnson will help attendees discover their purpose, amplify their vision, cultivate self-love, self-care and help participants achieve their goals in 2017.  “We’re going to do the work. Whether it’s healing your past, letting go of older relationships that are no longer serving you or whether you are going through divorce or healing through health issues, it’s a healing retreat.”

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Springtime is the perfect time to reevaluate your goals, reflect on one’s life,      and make some adjustments.  Instead of waiting for the end of the year to evaluate your goals, review them several times throughout the year to see where you stand.  “In the springtime, I love to clean my closet. It’s like cleaning your life. Spring-cleaning is very important. Clean out the old and in with the new. It’s important to have people around you that have the same goals,” she says.

Additional advice that Johnson chats about in the interview is the importance of recharging one’s self.  In order to help others, you need to keep yourself refreshed and renewed.  You don’t know what kind of energies people are bringing.  Johnson has been a life coach her entire life, but professionally it has only been three years. She recalls helping people as a child.  “My spirit is my gift.  I’ve learned how to turn my pain into compassion.”

“I have a heart and love for women, but first I have a heart for God. It is so hard to be a woman.”

The “Amazing Me, Amazing Life” Retreat will take their tour on the road to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston.

To register for the “Amazing Me, Amazing Life” retreat, visit www.AmazingLifeRetreat.eventbrite.com.
Stay connected on Social Media: Instagram: LifeCoachChristinaJohnson.

To book Christina Johnson for speaking engagements or appearances, send requests to PRdirector@TheGarnerCircle.com.

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