Saturday, September 24, 2022

Tyrese, Tank and Ginuwine Go At Each Other … Again … Over Money (Tyrese Wants the Bulk)

*Well, the situation between Tyrese, and his former TGT groupmates, Tank and Ginuwine, seems to have just taken another left turn in the wake of the singer/actor’s comments on “The Breakfast Club” on Monday

While appearing on the show to promote the new Fast and Furious film, Tyrese let it be known why there won’t be a second TGT album anytime soon.

The bottom line from Tyrese’s point of view is that the problem is Ginuwine. According to Tyrese, Ginuwine feels each member of the trio deserves an equal split. Hmm, well, it’s obvious these guys are not on the same page.

You see, Tyrese feels that because he’s a bigger name that he should command a higher share of group profits. It’s just that simple … as far as he’s concerned. (You can watch Tyrese make his comments about the matter at approximately the 31:40 mark via the video above.)

Meanwhile, Tank, the group’s other member, didn’t waste any time going in on Tyrese blasted Tyrese for his Ginuwine comments and wasn’t shy.

In a post on Instagram, that’s since been taken down, here’s what he said:

What’s crazy to me is that @ginuwine is the most accomplished artist in TGT but being talked bad about in this interview as if he hasn’t earned his keep! Sad what your brother will do to ensure he has more than you! TGT is a moment for music culture not a dick measuring contest. TGT is a group not an individual effort but I guess everybody can’t buy in to a team concept when you don’t know what it is. TGT is no more because @tyrese feels he’s a better than me and G! Doesn’t have more hits, hasn’t sold more records, but somehow he’s better..smh We can’t even get to the second album before Niggas start with this David Ruffin shit! #NoLoyalty

And Ginuwine who definitely has a dog in the fight, also didn’t hold back:

ginuwine comments





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