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‘The Manns’ Takeover Tuesday Night with New TV One Docu-Series [EUR Exclusive]

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(Credit: TV One)

*TV One welcomes David Mann and Tamela Mann to the network as they embark on a new chapter and give viewers a glimpse into the drama, faith and laughter that will ensure in their new reality series “The Manns.”

The one-hour show premiered April 4, and explores The Manns hilarious and outrageous interactions, their four grown children, eight grandchildren and a slew of friends and extended family that enrich the lives of the high-power couple.

Happily married for nearly three decades, between recording careers, touring, filming and managing their family, The Manns invite viewers inside their day-to-day challenges, successes and the joy that happen behind the scenes.

“We’re not trying to paint a perfect picture that we got the perfect family because we have issues just like everybody else,” Tamela said during a recent media teleconference. “We just handle them a little different, without cutting each other’s throat and going for the gusto on everybody. We want to be able to love and get an understanding through whatever situation.”

David adds, “We just genuinely love each other’s company and it really helps when it’s somebody you work with all day that you like them.”

“And we want the best for each other,” says Mrs. Mann. “One way is we try to out do each other doing for each other. It sounds mushy but nothing goes lacking. All your wants are being met and all your needs are being met as well.”

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the mann's
(Credit: TV One)

The Manns credit their relationship with God for keeping the family solid, with Tamela noting that “It is our foundation. That’s how we made it, period. Our faith in God and praying for God’s direction is why we are who we are.”

“Because that helps us lay a foundation for the family as well,” David adds. “So we were able to pass those values along to the family and you’ll see those values in this show. We’re Christians, we don’t try to shy away from that.”

Executive Producer Roger Bob attributes The Manns “authenticity” for the wonderful chemistry between the family and the creative team.

“They are an authentic family. What you see is what you get. The same way they are on television is the same way they are in real life. And that’s what we want to show. The great thing about the show is that there’s something there for everyone,” says Roger Bob.

Continuing, “If you’re a child, if you’re a parent, if you’re a couple — you’re seeing a couple raising children. You’re seeing a couple working together and you’re seeing a couple that is also, quite frankly I think, one of the most successful couples in the industry — when you talk about film, television and music. So you’re seeing all those things in one show and I can’t stress enough that it’s a great family show. So from 9 to 90, you can watch the show and feel comfortable about the images you see on the show.”

the manns
(Credit: TV One)

The Manns are taking over Tuesday night with “The Manns” on TV One, immediately followed by their scripted comedy series “Mann and Wife” on Bounce.

“I think it’s fantastic because we’re able to show different sides of ourselves — the scripted and the unscripted,” Tamela gushes.

When EUR/Electronic Urban Report asks the couple if inviting cameras into their home has also opened up a new path of self-discovery for themselves or their children, Tamela reveals, “My children are a lot funnier than I thought, and a lot crazier. They’ve always said crazy stuff but I just can’t believe some of the stuff that comes out of them. Even with my daughter-in-law, she’s grown so much.”

“She’s been corrupted by the Mann brand,” David jokes. “Because she used to be so quiet and innocent, and my son just corrupted the poor girl. Now she says anything.”

Mrs. Mann confesses, “It makes me feel good as a parent to see my kids blooming. To see growth in them, from season one to even now.”

She says seeing such growth has made her realize that her children “can stand on their own.”

For more information on TV One’s “The Manns,” visit the network’s website at

Tune in to the series Tuesdays at 8/7c. Viewers can also join the conversation by connecting via social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@tvonetv) using the hash tag #THEMANNS.


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