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New Book Takes an Unsparing Look at ‘How the Democrats Can Win in the Trump Era’

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*In his new ebook “How the Democrats Can Win in the Trump Era (Amazon Kindle), political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson takes a detailed look at what went wrong for the Democrats in 2016. And what they will have to do to take back Congress in 2018 and the White House in 2020.

Hutchinson notes: “That the Democrats have spent tens of millions of dollars on high priced ads, consultants, glossy literature, and organizing campaigns. Yet, they are still on a disastrous losing cycle of epic proportions. “

Here’s how bad things are with the Democrats according to Hutchinson:

“By 2016, the GOP had controlled the majority of the nation’s statehouses and governorships, both houses of Congress, and now the White House.” The brutal reality, Hutchinson, says, is that every turn both locally and now nationally the GOP has out resourced, out strategized, and out organized the Democrats. The Trump win was not the shock that most pundits and observers said it was. It came about precisely because of the GOP’s resource and organizing skill.

Hutchinson relates:

“Incoming Democratic National Chair, Perez knows that he and the Democrats have to make some changes, and make them fast. The sense of urgency to get fresh faces in key positions at the DNC is one key to reversing the Democrat’s fortunes in 2018 and 2020.”

Hutchinson notes that the DNC and the Democratic Party is bucking up against the notion that the party is much to beholden to corporate, big money interests and the party’s beltway establishment. That it has totally lost touch with how to wage a real in the trenches campaign on issues that touched the nerve of many blue-collar workers, minorities and youth.

In How the Democrats Can Win in the Trump Era, Hutchinson meticulously examines the criticisms, obstacles and the issues that have divided the Democrats. He takes a laser look at the fallings of the 2016 presidential campaign and shatters many of the assumptions and myths about it.

With the 2018 mid-terms looming, and another presidential election in 2020, the Democrats gargantuan task is to quickly find a way to reverse the Party’s ill fortunes and notch local and national wins. The daunting task before it is to find a way for the Democrats to win in the Trump era.

How the Democrats Can Win in the Trump Era presents an unsparing dissect of the obstacles the Democrats face to regain their local and national political competitiveness and what exactly they can and must do to overcome those obstacles and be a winning party again.

Amazon Kindle Release Thursday, April 13

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