Thursday, August 11, 2022

Remy Ma Pops Off On Internet Trolls Over Nicki Minaj Questions

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*Remy Ma can dish it but she just cant take being trolled by Nicki Minaj fans, who are still coming for her following the release of her diss track “ShETHER.”

Remy is totally over the Minaj questions from Nicki fans, so she made an Instagram Live video in which she POPS OFF on “wack a** rap b*tches.”

While filming her video, a few Nicki fans started coming for her and Remy blocked them from her page.

Dear Remy Ma, if you’re reading this, why so serious? You made a track dissing the Lil Kim rip-off (which Nicki stans LOVE about her), so what did you expect their reaction to be? Remy, you’re now acting like a big baby about a beef YOU started. #girlbye

Peep Remy’s response video below:

Meanwhile, Nicki seemed to have offered up a response of sorts. She hopped on Twitter to make reference of her career status. She reposted a tweet from one of her stans and captioned it, “Lives up to title. Titles must be earned…then sustained. Let your light shine pretty girls!”:

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Seems like #RemyMa is tired of the #NickiMinaj questions.

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minaj beerIn related news, according to a source at All HipHop, Nicki is way more afraid of Remy than she’s letting on … as she apparently has her studio sessions on complete lockdown.

She reportedly also won’t eat or touch anything that’s been opened out of fear that someone may be trying to poison her. The studio is so locked down that only the employees are allowed on site.

A Nicki source says she the rapper’s fears are making work difficult and causing work days to be 15 hours long for everyone there.


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