Sunday, January 16, 2022

Floyd Mayweather Goes Off on Cheerleading Judges; Says Daughter was Cheated (WATCH)

*To say Floyd Mayweather Jr. is super pissed about the results youth cheerleading contest featuring his daughter’s team would be an understatement.

The retired boxing champ went off on the judges at a youth competition over the weekend . He says they cheated his daughter’s team out of the title.

TMZ‘s footage (above) from the Jamz Cheer and Dance competition in Irvine, CA on Sunday shows Mayweather going nuclear on event officials after his 12-year-old daughter’s team finished in 2nd place.

The event’s announcer Jeff Krapf says he was right in the thick of Floyd’s tirade and heard the boxer cussing out the judges and even dropping this gem — “I fund this program!”

At one point, Krapf says Mayweather was so hot, he was afraid Floyd was going to get physical:

“I thought, ‘Well great, here’s my big paycheck. My payday’s coming!’ But it didn’t happen,” Krapf said.

An event exec eventually pulled Floyd to a private area to talk things out away from the kids.

There were cops on scene working the event — and we’re told they kept a close eye on the situation … but ultimately no arrests were made.

So far there’s been no word about the incident from the Mayweather camp.

On the other hand, there is news of another Mayweather happening over the weekend. This one involves gifting his son Zion with a new Mercedes Benz!

mayweather son (zion) and mercedes

That’s right, the proud dad surprised his 16-year-old son during his Sweet Sixteen party.

Blogger Sandra Rose noted that the Mercedes C-Class sedan young Zion was given is the cheapest in Mercedes’ line of luxury automobiles.

Maybe Floyd wanted to teach his son the value of money by not gifting him with a ridiculously expensive AMG class car that might put him at risk of being car jacked, postulates Rose.

Meanwhile, Mayweather also flew in rapper Young Thug to provide the evening’s entertainment.

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