Friday, December 3, 2021

Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Trustee Quits Following Family Battle


*According to new reports, Bobbi Kristina’s estate trustee has quit, blaming the in-fighting among her family members for the decision to call it quits.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Bedelia Hargrove, who has been the administrator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate since before hear death in July 2015, quite the job after her family refused to pay nearly $86 million in bills.

She also says that the tension between Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, and sister-in-law Pat Houston — and Krissy’s father, Bobby Brown, made it impossible for her to do her job.

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Pat Houston (L) and Bobbi Kristina Brown
Pat Houston (L) and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Meanwhile, Houston’s family claim that Hargrove refused to show receipts to account for her massive fees, and they accused her of wasting money by pursuing a civil case against Krissy’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, on the grounds that it’s impossible for him to pay the massive judgment levied against him in court earlier this year…because he has no money.

Court docs explain that Hargrove resigned as trustee of Bobbi Kristina’s estate because she accepted a position with the DeKalb County Probate Court. A temporary successor, Ann J. Herrera, has been appointed to take over.

Meanwhile, Bobby Brown is taking drastic measures to heal from the deaths of his ex-wife and daughter, by hitting up Hollywood’s go-to psychic medium, Tyler Henry, for chilling messages from beyond the grave!

“I’m seeing a mother connecting hands with a child,” Henry told Bobby during their sit-down, which is set to air on the upcoming season of “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.” Hysterically crying, Brown replied, “My ex-wife was Whitney Houston.”

“Tyler told Bobbi that Whitney and Bobbi Kristina are together in the afterlife and that Whitney was waiting for her daughter to cross over. Whitney brought Bobbi to the other side and they are together, forever,” a source told Radar.

“He let Bobby know that Whitney and Bobbi have been together in many past lives and will continue to be together in many lives to come.”

Check out a preview of the episode at Radar Online, in which Tyler pretends like he doesn’t know who Bobby Brown is. Even better, there’s a quite scene of rapper Lil Kim in her full on transformation into a Snowbunny. It’s quite an appalling sight to behold.


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  1. her family refused to pay nearly $86 million in bills.

    Most sane people would refuse that also,what was she buying that cost that much,who believes that debt amount??

    Hope what they are saying about Bobby isn’t true even though he is low. That book he wrote and what he said about Whitney was LOW!!!!


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