Sunday, March 7, 2021

Fox News Benches Andrew Napolitano after Obama Wiretap Lie; The Blaze Suspends Tomi Lahren

Andrew Napolitano and Tomi Lahren
Andrew Napolitano and Tomi Lahren

*Fox News has pulled its senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano following backlash over his unfounded and discredited allegations that British intelligence last fall provided then-President Barack Obama wiretapped conversations from Trump Tower, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Napolitano was suddenly MIA during Fox News’ coverage of the confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Monday and has been off the air since Thursday.

Last week, Napolitano cited unnamed sources claiming that the British intelligence agency known as Government Communications Headquarters “most likely” provided Obama with transcripts of Trump’s recorded calls.

President Trump used Napolitano’s discredited claims to defend his own unsubstantiated tweet from March 4 alleging that his predecessor had ordered his “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the election.

GCHQ vehemently denied the claim and Fox anchors went as far as announcing on the air that the network’s news division could not corroborate Napolitano’s allegations.

The accusation has since been debunked and the Trump administration has provided no evidence to substantiate the charge — or made any attempt to refute it.

Meanwhile, over at The Blaze, controversial conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has been suspended for a week after supporting her pro-choice stance on “The View,” the Daily Caller reports, citing multiple sources

The Blaze founder, Glenn Beck, mocked the network’s biggest star earlier on Monday after she mentioned having “moderate, conservative and libertarian views” on Twitter while defending her pro-choice comments.

Lahren tweeted over the weekend that she “will never apologize, to anyone, for being an independent thinker,” on the heels of the far right attacking her for admitting she supports women having the right to choose.



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