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Mayte Garcia: Prince’s Ex-wife Hints At ‘Disturbing Occasions’ Of Drug Abuse

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*With the late-great Prince now passed on, and perhaps, singing with the Angels, his ex-wife Mayte Garcia can finally break her silence about the legendary musician’s substance abuse.

In her upcoming memoir, “The Most Beautiful: My Life” with Prince, Garcia admits she missed the signs. “I never actually saw Prince doing drugs. He didn’t want me to. I’m sure he knew what my reaction would be,” she writes, in an excerpt obtained by People.

Although she never witnessed him using drugs, Garcia wants you to know that there were several “disturbing occasions when he told me he was ‘sick’ or had a ‘migraine’ ” that may have hinted at a possible substance abuse issue.

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“Looking back now and being much older I can see it was something else,” Garcia confessed to People. “I never saw him do anything — not even take an aspirin.”

Garcia says that within weeks of their 1996 wedding, she got a late-night call informing her that Prince was unconscious and had been rushed to the hospital, where he had his stomach pumped. Prince later claimed that he simply had a little too much to drink — and aspirin.

During another instance, Garcia says Prince begged her to return to his hotel room and “flush some pills [that he told her he’d left there] down the toilet.”

 “I didn’t question what it was,” she admits. 

Garcia’s book chronicles her marriage with the musician, whom she first met at age 16 in 1990. She also opens up about how their marriage suffered following the death of their newborn son in 1996 from Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

“I never told him about my thoughts of suicide or how close I had come to doing it,” Garcia writes in her memoir. “But I started to think he knew because my Vicodin kept disappearing. I assumed he was hiding them to keep me from hurting myself. In retrospect, I don’t know what to think.”

Garcia notes the thinking of the “inner complexity” that sparked Prince’s appetite for painkillers “makes me sad.”

“He left behind a lot of people who loved him. But it was his time. I know he didn’t fear death.”

Mayte Garcia- A Letter From Prince (Listen):

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  1. It´s very untactful and unfair to publish private items after your husband´s death. Mayte Garcia was married to Prince only four 4 years. A short time indeed!
    Nobody is able to remember today in detail what someone said or did in 1996. In my view Mrs Garcia spreads dishonest allegations in order to raise her profile, increase media interest and make money quickly.
    Prince doesn´t deserve such defamations by his malicious ex-wife. He wanted to keep private issues under lock.

    • They were only “married” 4 years but worked together for 10 years. They wrote songs together, he wrote her an album to record and release, she sang on many of his songs, she choreographed and directed many of his music videos, she toured around the world with him as a back up dancer and sometimes sang (Member of the NPG) and she also choreographed the tours. Even before and when they were a couple worked for and with him. It wasn’t just their 4 year marriage. She was with him 10 years total between marriage and their work partnership….. longer than any other woman, except for Sheila E.

      As for the dishonest allegations, I’m not sure what you are referring to. The few things she mentioned about his stomach pumped, etc was already disclosed by the 2 sisters that were assistants to Mayte while she was pregnant. They dropped those stories about 18 years ago! She wasn’t saying he was an addict. She was stating a few unusual incidents that occurred.

      Lastly, what’s the difference between her, Pricsilla Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and all the other celebrity ex-wives/girlfriends who wrote books about their marriages and private lives? She’s not spilling EVERY little thing they discussed! She’s only discussing the parts of his life that she was also a part of. It’s her right. It’s her life! If you disagree with her and don’t like it, don’t read it! Simple as that.

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