Monday, January 18, 2021

Watch Celine Dion Put Clueless EUR Reporter on Blast at ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Red Carpet (Exclusive)

*During a recent interview, EURweb associate Cory Haywood received a hard lesson in red carpet etiquette after he posed an off-base question to veteran recording artist, and master of “shade,” Celine Dion.

As a world renowned, multi-platinum, five-time Grammy Award winning performer, Dion is easily one of the most successful women in music history, selling over 220 million albums worldwide throughout her illustrious and scandal-free career.

She also seems like a caring and warmhearted person, which is refreshing if one considers how Darwinian the entertainment industry can be. Perhaps this is why she didn’t blow her top, or unleash a hellish barrage of crude profanities, when Haywood put her on the spot by asking what may go down as most the poorly timed question in red carpet history.

At the premiere of Disney’s latest movie release “Beauty and the Beast,” Haywood threw caution to the wind, violated protocol, and went TMZ on Dion by requesting her opinion on the Beyonce-Adele Grammy’s controversy.

Yeah, let that sink in — stupidity takes time to digest.

It apparently didn’t occur to him to ask about…oh, say…the movie, or even about her upcoming projects. Not to mention, Dion sang on the original “Beauty and The Beast” soundtrack with Peabo Bryson, and she recently followed that up with another song for the 2017 live action adaptation.

While every other media representative in attendance that night thought to ask questions related to the actual film (because that’s what normal people do), Haywood went off script and was promptly put in his place. It was a moment that set black folk back another 100 years — at least.

“I’m not here to discuss the Grammy’s, that’s a negative topic, I’m here to discuss Beauty and The Beast”, Dion courteously explained as cameras flashed in the distance. “I love you, have a wonderful evening.”

Although her response was so needlessly polite that it could be used for a Hallmark card, what the Canadian-born singer really wanted to say was, “fool, are you serious right now? Get yo ass back to the ghetto, pronto!”

Fortunately, Dion took the high road instead. Watch how it all went down via the video above.




  1. Get yo ass back to the ghetto, pronto!”

    Really you wrote this as a “joke” Couldn’t make a joke about his journalistic faux pas.
    The enemy is some of us.


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