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Soulja Boy’s Family Accuses Him of ‘Leaving Them in the Hood’

Rapper Soulja Boy attends BET "Music Moguls" premiere event at 1OAK on June 27, 2016 in West Hollywood, California.
Rapper Soulja Boy attends BET “Music Moguls” premiere event at 1OAK on June 27, 2016 in West Hollywood, California.

*Soulja Boy has gotten himself into yet another feud… this time it involves his family, oxygen.com reports. 

While he can’t be bothered dropping any hit records, the rapper has been making headlines for another reason lately… for his beefs with rappers and people within the industry.

You recall that he sparked a feud with singer Chris Brown over Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche and tried to set up a boxing match that later got cancelled.

Now his beef is with his brother and mother, and Soulja took to Twitter to lash out on his family for asking for money. He says the only time his mom calls him is when she needs cash.

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Soulja Boy’s brother, John Way, took to his Instagram to post a video in which he claims Soulja left them struggling in the hood. Way also released a diss song aimed at his famous brother, claiming Soulja never intentionally killed anyone and that he lies about the women he has slept with.

Soulja Boy respond to his family on Twitter… spilling the tea about how his mom once blew thousands of HIS money in a week.

Check out Soulja Boy’s NOW DELETED tweets below about his mother, in which he revealed: 

“If you gave ur mom a 100,000 and she spent it in a week,” he writes, “You would be mad too. It’s a long story. Fuck people that don’t appreciate u. I made my first million when I was 17 and took care of my whole family since then. So whoever taking shit can suck a d**k nobody gon use me.”

“The only time my mother call me is for my money and my Lil brother a broke b*tch umma slap him when I see him f**k them,” he continued. “Umma expose my mom and my brother. She a crackhead and he live with his dad he not in the hood they looking for a come up F**k them.”

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue _____________________________________ Soulja Boy just can’t seem to get along with anyone and now his brother John Way has been added to his long list. _____________________________________ John dropped a diss track entitled ‘Overdue’ recently where he claims his brother is a fraud who lies about sleeping with Rihanna and brags about killing someone even though it was done in self-defense. He also says that the rapper left him and his mother in the struggle. _____________________________________ “All on the ‘gram flexin’ like you the f***in’ man/ My momma still on welfare, s**t I can’t understand it.” _____________________________________ Of course, Big Soulja couldn’t resist responding so he took to IG Live to throw his shade. _____________________________________ “Loyalty before muthafuckin’ royalty, ” he said. ” These bitch ass n***** want to go against the grain and lie on a n***** and put my name through the dirt when I’m a real hustler. Real n***** getting money man, these n***** ain’t shit. Fuck these bitchass n*****.” _____________________________________ He then goes on to say, “You help a n**** get on, help a n**** get on, n***** wanna talk shit bruh. N***** ain’t real bruh,” he continued. “I put a lot of n***** on and n***** ain’t show love, you feel me?” _____________________________________ Welp, John is now putting Soulja’s alternative facts on blast after he posted a video on Youtube with his mother where he confirms that they were left to fend for themselves. When he asked, “Momma where we at,” she responds, “we at my house, in the middle of — read more at TheShadeRoom.com (link in bio)

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The Shade Room captured Soulja’s rant, in which he says his little brother is looking for a “come up.”

#SouljaBoy calls his mother a crackhead and says his brother is looking for a come up ? (view previous post)

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