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Tiffany Whyte Claims She’s Janet Jackson’s Secret Daughter – You Believe Her? (PHOTO)

Janet Jackson and James DeBarge
Janet Jackson and James DeBarge

*Lord have mercy! When we heard the rumors of Janet Jackson having a secret child (a daughter) back in the 80s, we kind of, in our imagination, pictured a little cutie pie with features of Janet and James DeBarge and skin tone kinda in the middle of both. Yep, that’s what our mind told us.

Well, imagine to shock to our brain after seeing the pic (below) of a Philadelphia area woman, Tiffany Whyte, who claiming to be the secret child of Jackson and DeBarge, who were married briefly in the 80s. To be perfectly honest our brain’s first thought was “What?! Janet and James’ daughter? Oh, hell no!” Yep, that was our immediate reaction. So far it hasn’t changed. OK, so just what is this woman’s story.

According to RadarOnline, Whyte, 31, says she has DNA evidence that proves she’s Janet Jackson’s daughter. Even DeBarge, 53, claimed that he had a love child with Jackson, confessing recently after his now 27-year-old daughter, Kristinia Jamie, questioned him about the rumors. DeBarge revealed in a Growing Up Hip Hop video clip that he was tired of keeping the secret.

“And I thought it was wise for me to speak out now because it needs to be addressed.”

Inquisitor reports that “DeBarge went on to say that he didn’t know there was a baby and wanted to believe the rumors weren’t true. But, according to an article on AskKissy, DeBarge’s mother, Etterlene DeBarge, 81, suspected that Janet Jackson might have been pregnant, saying that Jackson was “getting fat” before disappearing for a while. Late last month, the story of a possible secret love child between James DeBarge and Janet Jackson went viral after Etterlene did an interview on Inside Edition.”


Meanwhile, Tiffany Whyte, with supposed DNA proof, told RadarOnline that she is the daughter of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge after the DNA test allegedly came back as a match.

“The DNA test results showed the probability of relatedness if 96.7 percent.”

Whyte adds that Janet Jackson has denied her all these years, and now she just wants people “to know the truth.” Just last year, as Jackson was waiting on the birth of her first son, Eissa Al Mana (now 2-months-old), with current husband, Wissam Al Mana, Whyte confronted Jackson via Facebook, more than once. In April 2016, Tiffany Whyte asked Janet Jackson why she was so happy about “this baby,” when she kept her first child a secret and denied her in 1985.

“I wish Janet Jackson would just tell the truth I mean how long is she gonna wait or drag this thing out I’m but to bust it all out real talk and I don’t care anymore she taking too long!”

And if you’re thinking like we’re thinking that this woman in no way looks anything like Janet Jackson or James, you’re not alone. Fans of Janet and justy about anybody with a functioning eyes and brain all agree that Tiffany Whyte has no resemblance to what we just said about there being no resemblance to Jackson or DeBarge and that she looks “way too old” to be their daughter.

We also recently reported that James DeBarge’s older sister, Bunny, 61, tried to squash the secret baby rumors. In a written statement, Bunny said that she was embarrassed by her mother’s Inside Edition interview and that the entire DeBarge family wished Janet Jackson and her new baby “many blessings and much love.” However, Bunny did go on to say that there was a pregnancy that was terminated, but “no baby was born out of the couple’s brief nuptials.”

Tiffany Whyte says she’s not trying to “get famous off of this,” adding that she only wants her mother and her father.

“I want to know the truth. I want to know her,” Whyte said, referring to Janet Jackson — the woman Whyte says “is for sure” her mother.

See MORE pics of Tiffany Whyte at RadarOnline.




  1. So, just to answer your question: No. I don’t believe she is Janet Jackson’s daughter.

    Also, she is putting way too much emphasis on Janet (a wealthy woman) than she is on her supposed “father” James who, last I saw, was…well, not doing very well at all.

  2. Eur, did you notice that Bunny Debarge has already come out to debunked this lame story and apologize to Janet and her new husband for all these Lies, SMH!


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