Sunday, September 25, 2022

The #ATLOrgy: ‘Slumber Party’ for Black Millennials Causes Uproar

#ATLOrgy Disclaimer

*An Atlanta-based freak set Black Twiter ablaze after she announced on the website “kundalinikak” that she will be having a sex party on March 18-19, 2017, in a private location.

A black woman named Cidney G. is hosting the #ATLOrgy event and prices have been set for pre-paid admission only: single ladies = $99.99, couples = $175.00 and single men = $175. According to the website, the prices may rise as the date draws closer. The first slot for 35 people filled up and another package was added for an overnight slumber party, per Rolling Out.

Condoms will be provided at the STD extravaganza orgy party and the event promises “Great vibes, Good Ratchet Music, Amazing Food and Swangin’ Balls!”

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The conversation online wonders why Black millennials are not taking the risk of HIV and other diseases seriously.

Only attendees who pay in advance will get the location and, of course, no cameras are allowed. There’s also a disclaimer (see image above). 

As expected, the controversial sex slumber party has been met with backlash on social media, with many pointing out the STD and HIV epidemic in Atlanta, coupled with the fact that the city is a haven for down-low and bisexual black males. 

Check out some of the backlash below:

Meanwhile, horny Cidney and her sister made a Periscope video in which they defend their decision to host the carefree sex party, and they don’t seem too worried about STD transmission. 


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  1. At age 48, 120 lbs over weight and high blood pressure… I would have a heart attack with all those young folks. Them millennials would me in the hospital the next day and in a wheel chair for a week. Me and my life partner will do ok without it.

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