Tuesday, September 21, 2021

RHOA: Bravo Provides Clear, Blow-Up Photo of Porsha’s Texts to Kandi

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss reads a printout of texts sent from Porsha Williams, who looks on
Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss reads a printout of texts sent from Porsha Williams, who looks on

*Bravotv.com has just given us all the ability to print out Kandi’s receipts.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was asked about Sunday’s episode, which had Kandi Burress handing screenshot printouts of her August 2014 text conversation with Porsha Williams that she said proved that Porsha wanted to have oral sex with her, which Porsha denies ever happened.


Below, Kandi tells Bravo.com why she decided to print out the texts:

KB: I’ve come to the realization that Porsha has a lying problem. Every time you hit her with the truth, she comes out with another lie that was worse than the previous one. When I first heard her throw out that drug allegation, I couldn’t believe it. That wasn’t shade, that was slander. Drugging someone and taking them to a sex dungeon is rape. It’s unfortunate that some women will go so low and lie about something like that. That makes it hard for real victims that have truly been in that situation. What irritated me is that Porsha tried to justify the lie by saying “someone” told her that I said I would drug her. Who is this imaginary person?! And how did I supposedly say this about the night we hung out three years ago, but they just decided to tell her the day she and I had lunch and argued? Porsha was the one pushing up on me that night years ago. She was being very aggressive. So for her to try to turn it around on me as if I would try to drug her was a vicious lie. Obviously I wanted to defend myself and show proof of her lies. When I scrolled back through my phone, I saw her text saying how much fun she had on the night in question and she told me not to worry because she wouldn’t try to “rape” me on camera. So I printed those texts to pull out just in case she decided to repeat that malicious lie. Which she did…

Bravotv.com: What made you finally reach your breaking point with Porsha that night?

KB: When Porsha said again at the table that “someone” told her that I said I tried to drug her, I was done! I was calm at first, but even after I passed out the texts, she still tried to stick to that lie. That just pissed me off. It’s like, damn, at what point do you just admit you were wrong??? That girl has a problem. She was the one talking about “raping” me clear as day in her text, but yet she wants to say I wanted to take advantage of her? Can someone please call Porsha’s counselor and ask them to help her with her lying problem?

Below, the scene in question:



  1. It surprises me that Kandi and others are just realizing that Porsha has a huge lying problem. Even worse, she’s not smart enough to tell questionable lies. Her lies are so dumb and transparent that when she tells them there is no doubt that she’s lying. I realized Porsha had a lying problem when she was slandering her ex-husband. There were so many contradictions that it was ridiculous. And, it was so low of her to perpetuate the gay rumors, especially knowing her ex had a minor son (who she claimed to care so much about). Being cute with a baby voice has allowed Porsha to get away with things that other women would be in jail for doing. But the cute card is not good forever, and, due to her increasingly bad behavior and lies, her cute card is running out. Too bad she hooked up with Phaedra. Otherwise, she probably could have stretched the cute card out for another couple of years.


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