Friday, May 20, 2022

Put a Modern Twist on Traditional Wedding Rituals

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*Custom guest entertainment nearly tripled between 2009 and 2015 from 11 to 36 percent including cyber rolling stations, wine and liquor tasting and live dance performers, according to a study by XO Group publisher of The Knot, The Nest and The Bump.

However, modern twists and personalized services don’t mean couples can’t embrace traditional wedding traditions. There are plenty of ways to put modern twists on long-standing, favorite traditions and still have the wedding of your dreams. Here are six ways to get started.

Go Architectural

Round, traditional floral bouquets can bring a soft and personal touch to a wedding, but can embrace a whole new architectural style. For example, FTD offers classic wedding bouquets that feature long, sweeping forms and pops of dramatic color like pairing white and black flowers. Additionally, small bouquets and buds tied to the end of the pews with white ribbon can give your venue a dazzling, traditional touch.

Be Bold

Get bold with your patterns and colors this wedding season. According to, more couples are opting for personalized calligraphy wedding invitations paired over a fun and funky print with bold colors.

You can apply this same concept to just about anything on your wedding day. For example, a vintage black and white dress with a large skirt and tailored bodice can give your wedding dress a modern twist. Meanwhile, using red napkin rings, colorful cake toppers and brightly colored sashes on your bridesmaid dresses can breath more color into a traditionally white day.

Surround Yourself in Love

At the end of the day, weddings are about surrounding yourself with the people you love from family and friends to your chosen partner. Honor the loved ones in your life by mixing up the traditional wedding party roles. Men can stand-up for the bride among bridesmaids, and women can join the groomsmen. Choose complimentary outfits and colors and choose from friends, cousins and extended family to create the perfect wedding party.

Curate Old-fashioned Cocktails

Open bars and wine tables are the norm at weddings, but you can personalize the experience by curating your own list of old-fashioned cocktails. Tie ribbons and fabric that match your wedding colors around mason jars, or opt for traditional cocktail glasses. Choose from your favorite old-fashioned drinks from Black & Blue Bourbon Lemonade and Pimm’s Cups to delight your guests.

Get Creative with Your Sweet Tooth

The wedding cake tradition is a long-standing favorite where couples cut the cake together and serve their eager guests a sweet treat. But wedding cakes don’t need to be tiered, white wonders of frosting and fondant. Instead, try individual wedding cakes topped with fresh fruit and personalized with your guests’ names. Beyond the cake, more couples are opting for their favorite treats like frosted donuts and wedding day pies with whipped toppings.

Serve a Snack

If you’re prepared to celebrate late into the midnight hours, remember to recharge your guests and offer a savory snack. Opt for something fun that’s always a crowd favorite like slider hamburgers or bacon and egg sandwiches. Pair with colorful sodas and your curated cocktail list for one last refill before the party makes their journey to their hotel rooms or shuttles.

The real secret behind throwing a successful, modern wedding is focusing on personalization and making the celebration about loved ones. There is no right or wrong in choosing the perfect flowers or snacks, as long as it’s representative of your unique style.





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