Monday, October 3, 2022

Trump’s New Military Aid (Ricardo Turner) is Former West Point Standout

trump's military aid

*The man photographed carrying Donald Trump’s nuclear “football” briefcase at Mar-a-Lago last weekend has been identified as a former West Point standout Ricardo Turner.

TMZ reports that Turner got a big promotion when be was hired as one of Trump’s military aides. He became an international man of mystery and intrigued over the weekend when a Mar-a-Lago guest posted a photo with him saying … “This is Rick…He carries the ‘football.'”

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ricardo turner & donald trump

via TMZ:

The nuclear football is the briefcase for the hardware used by POTUS to authorize a nuclear attack while away from the fixed command centers. Trump promoted Ricardo from Major to Lieutenant Colonel on Monday in an Oval Office ceremony … according to White House Spokesman Sean Spicer.

According to White House Press Briefing:

The President participated in a pinning ceremony for Major Ricardo Turner, one of his military aides.  The aides to the President are mid-grade officers, one from of each of the services.  They provide direct support to the President in his role as Commander-in-Chief, and their primary responsibilities are to serve as an emergency action officer, aide-de-camp, and ceremonial aide.  It’s a longstanding tradition that when the President’s military aide is promoted to the next higher grade, the President conducts that promotion.  Major Ricardo Turner, the President’s military aide, was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and the promotion was held in the Oval Office.


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  1. In response to Hurricane Katrina 13 years ago we led the inflatable boat teams for 82nd Airborne we went to the Brigade CO (3rd Brgd 82nd Airborne) to tell him Lt Ricardo Turner was the best officer we had ever worked with in any agency of any rank…….The nations Nuclear Football is in good hands………………..

    Congratulations Lt Col Ricardo Turner few better men, few better warriors, few better rescuers!!!

    The President participated in a pinning ceremony for Major Ricardo Turner, one of his military aides. 13 years ago Dr Jane Goodall (worlds leading primatologist and ‘UN Messenger of Peace’) awarded Lt (at the time) Turner the SAR Foundations ‘Extraordinary Service to Humanity Award’ for beginning the animal rescue by non-animal agencies (at the time it was not national protocol for first responders to rescue people with their pets.Col. Turner’s actions at Katrina helped change that!

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