Friday, July 30, 2021

Min. Farrakhan Issues Warning to Trump – Jay Z to Produce ‘In the Heights’ Film

*Minister Louis Farrakhan has issued a warning to Donald Trump regarding his plans to send federal troops into Chicago.

During a recent message at the Nation of Islam’s Saviours’ Day convention in Detroit, Farrakhan said:

“You can come, bring your army. But if you slaughter my little young brothers, watch what God will do for you, Mr. Trump, and for the country that you said you want to make great again. That’s not going to happen, Mr. Trump; America will never be made great again. Her days of greatness are over. The God of Justice has come and America now has to pay for what she has done.” said Farrakhan on Feb. 19.

“I’m going to warn you, Mr. Trump: This is not a forsaken people. And The God that we serve has promised us that He would fight our battles. We don’t have no gun to equal yours, but we’ve got a God. Check out the West Coast. See, you haven’t seen no rain like that! You haven’t seen nothing yet.”

Peep the video above.

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in the heights
Lin-Manuel Miranda

Jay Z will reportedly co-produce for the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s play “In the Heights.”

The musical, with music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes, is set over the course of three days, involving characters in the largely Dominican-American neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City.

The show opened in a Broadway production in March 2008, and this production was nominated for thirteen Tony Awards, winning four: Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Choreography, and Best Orchestrations. It won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album. It was also nominated for the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The film is set to begin shooting this spring.

jay z (black bgrd)


Ny MaGee
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  1. Donald Trump is speaking what whites have been quietly thinking for a long time. They think we are ready to return to chattel slavery. In a way, I can’t blame them. Minister Negro Hitler is a known hate monger who leads a black hate group, who pretend to be Muslim. You sit there acting like what that Negro bigot says has weight. You are giving nice treatment to the man who everyone knows killed Malcolm X.Whites know to stay away from and condemn white Hitler, but blacks don’t know better? This is the real question. You really expect to openly embrace the racists in the black community and at the same time, advance the agenda of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X? When you feature Farrakhan in this article, you give evidence and fuel to the Trump movement and it is amazing that you don’t see the real consequence of your showing love for the racist black man, just because he happens to be black.


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