Saturday, June 25, 2022

New Mom Foxy Brown Comes for Remy Ma in Dis Track ‘Break’s Over’

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown

*Remy Ma just got a response to her Nicki Minaj dis track “shETHER,” but it’s not from Nicki Minaj.

Rapper Foxy Brown, who reportedly just gave birth to a baby girl, found time on Friday (March 3) to come for Remy in a 1 minute, 20 second track titled “Break’s Over.”

Using Jay Z’s “Takeover” beat, Foxy begins with, “I’ll kill this bitch,” before launching into: “The takeover, the fake’s over / Got a little shine, okay, thank Mona.”

Foxy goes on to affirm her friendship with Minaj (“Nick my bitch”), and accuse Remy of being scared in Rikers Island, where she and Remy both did time: “When we was on the island, Rem was in PC shook / She was never tough, she was never wildin’.”

From there, Foxy brought up Remy’s recent pregnancy issues: “Pap f**ked that dirty-ass BX beast / I’m a mother**kin’ BK savage / You heard? Yeah, I heard about that bitch miscarriage.”

Foxy, whose hearing impairment has been well documented, is said to be responding to “shETHER’s” lines regarding a “deaf” woman.

“I kill rappers, and you good as dead, bitch,” Remy rapped on the track. “Talkin’ sh*t about me to a deaf bitch / And usually I have sympathy for the impaired / But not when you hard of hearin’ from untreated gonorrhea.”

Listen below:

The clock is now ticking on Remy’s response.

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams reported this morning that Foxy, real name Inga Marchand, has given birth to a girl.

“Literally, as I’m putting on my bracelet, the telephone rings,” Williams told her audience. “Congratulations to Foxy Brown. She had a baby girl. …No word on exactly who the baby’s father is but allegedly it’s a reggae star and I’m not going to say his name because I think that me and Foxy have some sort of relationship, and the bureau does have a working telephone. So, maybe she’ll call us.”





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