Thursday, October 6, 2022

EUR on the Scene As ‘Moonlight’ Sweeps 2017 Independent Spirit Awards (EUR Exclusive – WATCH)

*The 32nd Annual Independent Spirit Awards took place over the weekend where some of the best independent films are not only recognize for their visual storytelling, but also for creating unique films on a very low budget without the finances of major studios.

Moonlight,” which was nominated for five awards including Best Feature and Best Director, took home every award it was nominated for not to mention, actress Naomie Harris who played “Paula” in the film stopped to talk with EURweb associate Jay Styles on which of the five awards she  prefers to win.

“Oh gosh, it’s a tough one though because we’re getting the Robert Altman ensemble award and I’m so excited about that because it really is a collaborative effort to make this movie and there are so many phenomenal performances, Harris said.

Meanwhile, we had the opportunity to talk with other film makers who were in attendance and it’ s always interesting to hear when they found out that they’ve been nominated especially, when you find out while on set like David Harewood, who was nominated for Best Male Lead in the film Free in Deed.

“I was walking on set and my publicist went up to me and said, “you’re not going to believe this” and I said what? Then she said, “You’re nominated for the Spirt Awards” and I said what’s that? Then she told me ,and I’m just really proud and really blown away, it’s great.”

naomie harris (spirit awards)
Naomie Harris plays Paula in ‘Moonlight’

Unlike David, who wasn’t familiar with the Independent Awards, Andrew Ahn who took home the John Cassavettes Award (Best Feature Made under 500,000) for his film Spa Night decided to rack up data charges on his phone to watch the nomination live on Facebook.

“It was a Facebook live and they’re announcing it that way so I did not have WIFI and I said screw it, I’m going to get the data charges but its ok, Ahn said. And I watched it and was like ahhhhh, it was really loud where I was so I was like, did they say my name? I was not sure, then I started seeing the tweets and it was super exciting.”

Former cast from HBO’s “The Wire Andre Royo and Edwina Findley Dickerson were also in attendance and nominated for their independent films.

The 2017 Independent Spirit Awards took place at the Santa Monica Pier and is always scheduled one day before the Oscars.





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