Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Netflix Releases Trailer for ‘The Get Down’ Season 2 (Watch)

The Get Down
The Get Down

*A trailer has been released for the second season of Netflix’s hip hop drama “The Get Down,” which returns to the streaming service on April 7.

The15-second teaser features budding singing star Mylene Cruz (actress Herizen Guardiola), the Get Down crew — sensitive rhyme writer Ezekiel “Books” Figuero (Justice Smith), ninja-like leader Shaolin Fantastic (Shameik Moore) and brothers Ra-Ra (Skylan Brooks), “Dizzee” (Jaden Smith) and Boo-Boo Kipling (T.J. Brown Jr.) — as well as Mylene’s always-worried Pentacostal preacher pops (Giancarlo Esposito).

The series, about the birth of hip hop, premiered last August with a six-episode arc.

According to Deadline, Season 2 is set in 1978, as disco still reigns and the as-yet-unnamed hip hop genre starts to come alive. It finds Mylene and Books caught in the “looming cultural revolution… Amidst the backdrop of a bankrupt New York City, ruthless gangsters and money-hungry record label bosses, they discover it’s only their creativity and love that will carry them through – and that they’ll sacrifice everything for their music, and each other.”

Also returning to the all-star cast is Jimmy Smits and Nas, who is also an executive producer of the show (and ghostwriter of the series’ iconic original raps). Rap legend Grandmaster Flash served as one of the show’s associate producers.

The clip features performances, a motorcycle sequence and shots of Moore behind the turntables. A voiceover states: “Party people in the place, you’re about to witness something from the Get Down… that you never seen before!”

It ends with Moore promising, “We’re gonna take our music from minor to major league.”

Watch below:




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