Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Little Boy’s Outrageous Barbershop Tantrum Goes Viral [Must See – Watch!]

*There’s a viral clip circulating on social media of a little boy having a meltdown at the barbershop. According to several online reports, the boy told his mother that he didn’t want a haircut and even spit on a barber. Even after being told that he wouldn’t get his way, the boy continued to kick and scream.

His tantrum got so bad, he had to be held down by four people while his barber worked on him. As he screamed in agonizing pain, the barbers told him to calm down.

The kid came out of his shoes during his fit, and once he managed to get out of the chair, his mom attempted to put his shoes on and her fought her as well.  Even the barbers scolded the kid for being disrespectful to his mother.

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As mom and son left, barbershop patrons voiced their concerns about the boy’s behavior, and once video of this nonsense hit the internet, social media chimed in sharing similar comments.

The video has sparked a debate about whether the mother is to blame for her son’s behavior, or is he simply an out of control brat.

“He need a good old-fashioned butt whoopin’ the switch and erthang,’” one viewer said.

Check out some of the comments below, and watch the video of the boy’s tantrum above.

Do you think bad parenting is to blame for the boy’s behavior or could an undiagnosed mental illness be the cause of his behavior?


Ny MaGee
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  1. Wow, just wow. God Blessed those barbers. There is clearly something wrong with that child. An ‘old fashion woopin’ will not help him.


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