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Sheila E.’s Inaugural Glamorous Life Latin Cruise: Party At Sea! (WATCH – EUR Exclusive)

sheila e (cruise1a)

*Miami, Fl – Non-stop partying!!  There is no other terminology to describe the inaugural  Sheila E. Glamorous Life Latin Cruise which took sailed February 10-13 aboard Royal Carribean’s Enchantment of the Seas vessel.

From the time of embarkation Friday evening out of Miami, Florida, Sheila E. had already set the tone at the ‘Sail Away Party’  by stating this “was not” a cruise meant for sleeping! Hence, non-stop, all day, all night partying ensued for the remainder of the trip!

Amidst our designated port stops of Cococay and Nassau, Bahamas, the cruise was filled with a plethora of entertainment.

Albeit, entitled the Glamorous Life Latin Cruise, Sheila E. no doubtedly acknowledged that the music and shows cruisers were to witness on the ship were so very much more! It was pop, it was jazz, it was R & B, it was latin jazz, it was rock, it was salsa, it was hip-hop and rap, and even a little gospel was heard- a mixed bag of genres.

In essence, it was something for everyone with the artists lineup including the iconic Sheila E., Debi Nova, Judith Hill, Tony Succar, Anthony Michael, Ozomatli, Unity, Mood Icons, and Son Machine.  The legendary Pete (Pops!) Escovedo was joined by Juan Escovedo on several sets as well and it was nothing to see the entire Escovedo family strolling around the ship at times.

sheila e (cruise)

Along with the incredible music sets and shows, the Sheila E. Glamorous Life Latin Cruise offered activities from karaoke, salsa dance classes, and percussion lessons to a talent search, Q & A sessions with all the artists, and a special treat for the ladies, the “Sisterhood” forum (Sheila E., Lynn Mabry, Ashling Cole, Debi Nova, and Judith Hill)-an enlightening discussion focused on womanhood.  Two ‘themed’ evenings celebrating the lives and legacies of both Michael Jackson (Black and White theme night) and Prince (Purple Party night) were also part of the festivities.  Of note, history was made by carrying out the largest drum circle EVER on the sea-way to go Sheila E.!!!

I must admit though, the grand finale of Sheila E. closing out the last night of the cruise was phenomenal! Showcasing her immense talent as a percussionist was the highlight of the cruise-the woman is just baaadddd! So many of us have grown up listening to her, watching her, supporting her while she displays her unparalleled talent in a traditionally male dominated field- drum playing. In addition, Sheila E. proved that at a beautiful 59 years young, she could give any 20-something a run for the money having the stamina to complete this non-stop 3 day party. See all the pics and videos snippets from the cruise below!  We love you Sheila E.!!! Looking forward to setting sail in 2018.

Crowd shot at pool stage watching Sheila E.

Sheila E. speaking to the crowd

“Sisterhood” forum onboard (Lynn Mabry, Ashling Cole, Sheila E., Debi Nova)

Debi Nova and Judith Hill speaking at the “Sisterhood” forum

Judith Hill performing at night at the pool stage

Judith Hill

EURweb writer Madge Evans with the Escovedo family (Pops, Sheila E. and Juan)

Article, photos Atlanta based EURweb writer Madge Evans / Video by Otis Moon





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