Monday, January 25, 2021

Ernie Hudson Busting Criminals on Fox’s ‘APB’ – EUR Exclusive!

Justin Kirk and Ernie Hudson in Fox TV APB.
Justin Kirk and Ernie Hudson in Fox TV ‘s ‘APB’

Ernie Hudson (“Ghostbusters”) has gone from busting ghosts to busting criminals in Fox TV’s “APB” on Mondays. EURWEB spoke exclusively to Hudson about his new show.

EURWEB: How did you go from busting ghosts to busting criminals?

ERNIE HUDSON: [Laughs] I’ve been acting for 50 years and I love to work. But what I love more than anything is when people respect me enough to say they want to work with me. Fox was kind enough to come to me and that doesn’t always happen.

EURWEB: Give us some insight into your character?

EH: We all have heard about what’s going on in Chicago. I play a sergeant promoted to Captain in a police division in Chicago and the buck stops with him.

EURWEB: Two of my favorite shows are “Sleepy Hollow,” that promotes intelligent black characters (past and present) and “Lucifer,” who has a black brother. Since executive producer/director Len Wiseman is associated with ‘APB,’ should we expect the same kind of quality?

EH: I do think this is an exceptional show and very unique in and of itself. It’s basically based on what happened after Katrina. A tech billionaire applies his wealth to policing, serving, and improving a community. I think the show takes a different look at what’s possible in law enforcement, and shows how truly complicated some of these issues are.

EURWEB: Of course, Ernie, I can’t let you go before asking what you thought about last year’s ‘Ghostbusters’?

EH: I certainly would’ve done things a little differently but I like the girls and I think they’re all very talented. However, I probably would’ve made it a continuation of the ‘Ghostbusters.’ But I’m glad to see something happen with it.

Check out “A.P.B.” tonight at 9/8c on Fox


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