Tuesday, August 9, 2022

LaShonda Scott Robinson Features Watercolors Celebrating Women of Color

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LaShonda Scott Robinson Features Watercolors Celebrating Women of Color

*Artist LaShonda Scott Robinson launched her new website (www.lashondascottrobinson.com) to celebrate the beauty and complexity of black women through art.

“Blackwomen are so under represented in the art world,” says LaShonda. “As an artist and a woman of color, I feel it is my duty to share our stories on canvas.” The new website illustrates LaShonda’s personal journey through watercolor. “Being of color, I understand our struggles and triumphs. I paint blackwomen with compassion, dignity and strength,” she adds.

LaShonda’s paintings illustrate the colorful souls of black women. “Every soul is a rainbow,” says LaShonda. “And though we may share the same colors, our personality renders each hue unique. As blackwomen, we are often told we are not beautiful,” say LaShonda. “My paintings celebrate our beauty.” LaShonda is self taught. She has created her own unique watercolor technique. “Being self taught, I had the freedom to create my own style. I was not confined by rules. My art is original and honest just like the souls of black women.”

The website gives previews of upcoming exhibitions and insights into LaShonda’s artwork. “Collectors will have first hand information about exhibitions and personal information regarding my artwork. This will allow a more personal connection with my audience,” says LaShonda.

LaShonda is dedicated to painting the souls of black women. The new website went live February 2017. “I hope my art captures the beauty and complexity of our spirit,” says LaShonda. “Inspiring all women of color to love and respect themselves.” To see LaShonda’s new website and artwork, visit www.lashondascottrobinson.com.








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