Saturday, June 25, 2022

Larenz Tate and Laurence Fishburne Go Audio with ‘Bronzeville’ (WATCH)

*We have always known Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate for taking some of our favorite on screen dramas and comedies to the next level, but now we’ll get to know them in a whole new light with the release of their 10 part audio series, “Bronzeville.” correspondent Loren LoRosa was on the scene during the drama’s Los Angeles audio premiere  brought to you by Fishburne’s Cinema Gyspy Productions in partnership with Tate’s Tatemen Entertainment where we learned all about what there is to expect.

The series takes place during the 1940’s in a urban neighborhood of Chicago. This story illustrates the neglected tale of the numbers game, our new day lottery system and it’s creation within an African American community in the windy city.

“We tried to pitch it as a television series and we were unsuccessful in selling it, so we decided we would go the podcast route.  “ -Laurence Fishburne

Taking matters into your own hands, digitally, is not something that we’re unfamiliar with in 2017 and the dynamic duo may just be onto something! In 2015 alone,  audio cinema sales around the world increased 38.1% according to the Association of American Publishers.


Laurence Fishburne (L), Larenz Tate
Laurence Fishburne (L), Larenz Tate

What is really amazing about this story is not only will millennials and all who tune in learn about an economic uprise within the African American Entrepreneur community, but we are sure to be entertained by a host a characters and kept on our toes by an epic story line written by Oscar nominee, Josh Olsen.

“The first thing you are going to learn is that the numbers game is a situation where African Americans created the lottery, the lottery came from the policy game and the policy game was the numbers game.” – Laron Tate

As the story unfolds, we will be taken back into time, into the lives of major players who ruled the numbers game before it was taken over by the mafia. Then, illegal, but now one of the biggest economic attractions of our nation- the lottery.

“This story is apart of American history that is forgotten. Typically you hear about civil rights and oppression but there was a time when we were rising up! They were running numbers but in turn they were able to build and finance their own schools, department stores, you name it!” -Larenz Tate

The all star cast also includes, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tika Sumpter, Wood Harris, Lahmard Tate and so many more!

For a deeper look into the audio drama visit their social handles @bronzevilleshow

You can listen to Larenz Tate on his new podcast “Bronzeville,” starting February 7th! It’s available for FREE on Spotify, iTunes, Radio One Digital and Sound Cloud! For more info, visit their Facebook page here.





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