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Cindy Herron Reveals New En Vogue Music and Album on the Way (EUR Exclusive)

En-Vogue*The New Year hasn’t been around long, but En Vogue fans can take note that 2017 will mark their favorite group’s reemergence with new music.

Chatting with EURweb about the 25th anniversary of the classic hip-hop drama “Juice” and her work on the film, En Vogue’s Cindy Herron revealed the award-winning collective will have a new album to share with music lovers the first quarter of this year.

“Yes, there absolutely is. There absolutely is,” Herron shared about new music coming from En Vogue. “In fact, we have a new album that’s done we hope to release after the first of the year and we have a new single. The album will be called ‘Electric Café.’ The single that we released is called ‘Déjà Vu.’”

Arriving back in April 2016, “Déjà Vu” laid the foundation for “Electric Café,” which fans can expect between January and March. According to Herron, the single resulted from fan demand, which En Vogue rewarded with its release.

“It was just a freebie that we gave away because our fans had been waiting and asking for music,” the singer explained. “They were so patient that we just said, ‘Let’s put this up on Spotify and on the streaming website.’ They can go to our website and stream the music.”

En Vogue singer Cindy HerronThe pending arrival of “Electric Café” comes more than 10 years after En Vogue’s last album, 2004’s “Soul Flower,” which debuted the group’s current line up of founding members Herron and Terry Ellis and new member Rhona Bennett, who has worked with her group mates since 2003.

Despite the occasional return and departure of original En Vogue vocalists Maxine Jones and Dawn Robinson, the group remained on the scene as a trio with a consistent presence on tour and social media outlets like Facebook. In Herron’s eyes, En Vogue will be a fixture as long as fans continue to support the group and voice a desire to see them live.

en vogue (2014)“The group today is myself, Terry and Rhona Bennett. And we usually go to our Facebook. It’s just En Vogue,” Herron said. “Every time we travel or do a show or something, we post stuff. So definitely, new music will be coming for sure.”

“We’re continuing to do what we love to do. That’s why we’re still in the game. We love performing,” the singer added. “We’ve got a fanbase out there that wants to come and see us perform. They have been asking for new music and we still love what we do … We’re always working. Every weekend, we are at some place doing shows. I am not kidding. As long as there’s people out there that want to come see us and support us, we are gonna show up and we’re gonna do shows.”

With that, Herron has two words for En Vogue fans regarding all the love they’ve shown since the group came on the scene.
“I would just say for whoever is gonna be reading your article, thank you,” she expressed. “For any fans of En Vogue, thank you for having supported En Vogue in the past. For anybody who continues to support us, I thank you.”

To hear, En Vogue’s latest single, “Déjà vu,” click here.




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