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EURweb at ’24: Legacy’ Party Bash Celebration in New York (PHOTOS)

CoreyHawkins at '24: Legacy' Fox party with the NY city lights at a backdrop. (MMoore Photo)
Corey Hawkins at ’24: Legacy’ Fox party with the NY City lights as a backdrop. (MMoore Photo)

*What could be more exciting than the Super Bowl tomorrow, Sunday? The answer: “24:Legacy” that follows it on Fox.

EURweb was on the scene for the “24: Legacy” Fox party bash at Spring Studios in New York and party goers’ excitement could not be contained.

Prior to the party, the segment of “Legacy” airing after the Super Bowl was shown. Definitely a crowd pleaser, “Legacy” leaves nothing to be desired [great performances and nonstop action]. Not only was the cast of “Legacy” at the joyous celebration, but cast members from “Gotham.”

EURweb talked exclusively to some “Legacy” cast members:

Cory (Hawkins), how was it for you working in real time?

COREY HAWKINS: It’s great to watch but you don’t have a movement to breathe. It could give you gray hairs [laughs] being in the moment minute after minute, issue after issue and it gets worse and worse. So the tension is insane.

Miranda (Otto), what is it like being here this evening?

Cast members Sheila Vand, Anna Diop, and Ashley Thomas. (MMoore Photo)
Cast members Sheila Vand, Anna Diop, and Ashley Thomas. (MMoore Photo)

MIRANDA OTTO: Very exciting. It’s always great to get to show the show to an audience and get people’s reaction because it all about how people respond to the show and it’s exciting to hear people’s response. I was such a fan of ‘24’ so it is a real honor to come onto this franchise and sort of reincarnate it for today.

Jimmy (Smits), what was it that drew you to ‘Legacy’?

JIMMY SMITS: This show has an iconic visual stamp to it that is certainly undeniable, that people have been excited about. It changed the way, I think, television is perceived. Plus, they were totally mixing it up—different kinds of characters, different ethnicities, women characters that are very proactive. It’s very engaging as an actor to know that you’re going to be involved in something like this.

'24: Legacy' cast members Miranda Otto and Dan Bucatinsky. (MMoore Photo)
’24: Legacy’ cast members Miranda Otto and Dan Bucatinsky. (MMoore Photo)

 Ashley (Thomas), are you having fun?

 ASHLEY THOMAS: It’s amazing for me to be here. The excitement in the room is overwhelming and I can feel the energy. I’m excited. I was a h-u-g-e ‘24’ fan from the first incarnation, so for me I’m even more excited to be part of it. Thank you.

 Coral (Pena), what are your feelings right now?

CORAL PENA: This [’24: Legacy], I think, is going to be the coolest thing to happen post Super Bowl for sure. I think a lot of people will like it and a lot of people will enjoy seeing themselves represented. There’s so much amazing diversity in it in different ways and I think the series is true to its original form. But, at the same time, it’s doing its own thing and Corey Hawkins, who is Eric Carter, is really a force to be reckoned with and I think people will really connect with him.

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