Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Kellyanne Conway Rips Media for Ignoring ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ That Never Happened

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*Kellyanne Conway has left folks with raised eyebrows and scouring Google for something called the “Bowling Green massacre,” which she cited while defending her boss’ travel ban of people from seven majority-Muslim countries.

But the Google search turned up nada, because there was never a terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Kentucky. And now, Donald Trump’s mouthpiece is being mocked across social media under the hashtag: #BowlingGreenMassacre.

The alternative fact happened during an interview Thursday with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Conway said that there were two Iraqi refugees who masterminded the “Bowling Green massacre.” She then doubled down by saying many people don’t know about it because it didn’t get covered by the media.

But that’s because it didn’t happen. Conway confused the fact that two Iraqi citizens living in Bowling Green were arrested in 2011 for trying to send weapons and money to al-Qaeda. According to The Washington Post, the information was released by the Justice Department in 2013.

Mohanad Shareef Hammadi was sentenced to life in federal prison, while Waad Ramadan Alwan was sentenced to 40 years and lifetime supervision after release after both men pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. Neither was charged with any attack on U.S. soil, only in support of attacks against troops on the ground in Iraq, according to the Justice Department release.

Conway used the attack that never happened in an attempt to foster support for President Donald Trump’s travel ban, saying that the policy is similar to what President Barack Obama did when he banned visas for Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011.

The Obama administration told the Post that it did not ban Iraqi refugees and required only more extensive background checks and new screening procedures.

Conway defended her statement on Twitter, saying that she meant to say “Bowling Green terrorists.”

But the roasting had already started, and has since become a social media inferno:

Watch the interview below:



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