Thursday, May 26, 2022

CeCe Winans on Her New Album & Working with The Clark Sisters (EUR Exclusive – WATCH!)

*The best-selling and most awarded female in gospel history is back! CeCe Winans discussed her new sound with me as we laughed about how she and the Clark Sisters stuck a stiletto in the devil’s eye on the soon to be hit track “Hey Devil!”

CeCe laughed about their time in the studio and how they went so hard on the devil she had to remind them that they were Saints! Watch for a good laugh!

On a more serious note, her song, “Lowly” is a prime example of who CeCe is as a Christian, wife, mother and artist. She talks about humility and how ultimately the “High” is for the “lowly.”

Her beautiful smile shined bright as she modestly nodded to her list of awards: 20 Dove Awards, 10 Grammys, 7 Stellars and over 12 million records sold. Not to mention her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Yes, honey, CeCe Winans is a Gospel Phenom.

The sound is unique; it’s fresh and infused with a retro feel, yet married with the classic sound of the artist we’ve known since she came on the scene. However, she can’t take all the credit.  It was Alvin Love III who planted this seed. She fought her son tooth and nail, but finally fell I love with it.  And that’s simply what she wants you to do. She exclaimed, “After nine years, the album had to mean something more.” She entitled it, “Let Them Fall in Love.” After hearing the songs and watching this interview, I’m sure you will! If there’s one thing CeCe wants you to do after you purchase her new CD available as of 02-03-17, is this … get down on your knees and pray for … well, I guess you need to watch the video above to find out! God bless you all for reading.

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