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Tamron Hall Being ‘Forced Out’ By NBC to Make Room For ‘Bigoted’ Megyn Kelly [EUR Exclusive]

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*A source close to the situation, says that a story we ran yesterday about how Tamron Hall’s expected to stay with the “Today” show family after former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly takes over her time slot is not the complete truth of situation. In fact, NBC is pushing Hall out all together despite having a top rated morning show.  But why? Peep the steaming hot tea below.

“Tamron’s contract is up in February and they’re not giving her an offer to stay,” the source exclusively tells EUR/Electronic Urban Report. “NBC is trying to replace her with Megyn Kelly, but NBC wants everybody to believe that this is a really beautiful deal and everybody is kumbaya….. and that is not the case.”

Since Billy Bush’s departure (following his termination), Hall and Roker have been #1 for seven weeks as hosts of the “Today” show.

“So how are you going to replace a number one show with Megyn Kelly?,” asks our source.

“Megyn Kelly wasn’t in demand because of her past statements at Fox,” which include calling Michelle Obama whiny, saying that Sandra Bland would be alive if she had simply obeyed the police officer, proudly asserting that Jesus is white, and “all the racial things” that many have not been quick to forgive.”

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“They’re trying to move Tamron out of NBC. They offered her less money and a vague role and they are replacing her with such a bigoted person … and there’s no reason to.”

“While NBC refuses to let Hall be great, it’s interesting to note that Kelly took a major pay cut to join the network. Other sources indicated that Megan didn’t want to stay at Fox because the top two highly rated hosts were after her. They think she played both sides of the fence on the Roger Ailes sexual harassment thing. She wanted outta there so she took less money to work at NBC.”

The source says NBC will try to “spin it as the good faith offer” when in reality it’s one of those “we want you to leave” offers.

“She’s really irritated that they’re trying to paint this like it’s a mutual thing and everybody’s on board. Tamron’s done. I think if she leaves NBC she has to leave MSNBC. So that’s the real deal.”

Tamron Hall
Tamron Hall

Our source says Al Roker and Tamron Hall were number one before they hired Billy Bush and then he got fired and they continued to be number one.

The source also says to stay tuned for when/if NBC attempts “to paint her out like she’s being difficult with negotiations.”

“They’re offering her less money than what she’s making now. I’m sure she’s going to get picked up by another network because she’s extremely popular.”

By inviting Kelly (and Greta Van Susteren) into the family, NBC is taking on a more conservative tone for Trump’s alt-right America. The network is also trying to beat Fox news by being Fox news. Media insiders are buzzing that Andy Lack, chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, wants NBC to become “the next Fox News.”

“They had the number one cable show for years and there were times that (Kelly) beat O’Reilly’s numbers,” our source points out. “Here’s another interesting tidbit, Tucker Carlson took over for Megyn Kelly and doubled her ratings. So her star was fading on Fox because her stuff with Trump diminished her, and then the Roger Ailes stuff diminished her even more.”

In other words, if you get close to this rosy picture that NBC is painting, you will see that it stinks. But as our source notes, it would be a “bad PR move if they didn’t say: “We offered her money but she just wanted to leave.”

“No, she didn’t want to leave. They forced her out, and I don’t think she cares that people know that.”


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  1. If they get rid of Tamron for Megan Kelly that is absolutely the last straw!! I only watch Rachel and Lawrence O’Donell now and if this happens, I’m done. NBC is turning into a “Trump Station” and I can’t handle that at all.

  2. KNOW THIS: If Joy Reid and Tamron Hall leave MSNBC, so am I – and a lot of other folks! Greta and Megan are NOT why we have tuned in all these years. They are NOT Joy and Tamron! It may do MSNBC well to remember who their base of supporters are…ijs!!!

  3. I have to say that lately I’ve been thinking that I’d like to see Tamron go. She seems like a silly party girl and I’ve been disappointed in her as a Today show host.

  4. Tamron almost ruined NBC Nightly News when stepping in. Lester Holt is not a self seeking grandurilizationalist like Tamron. She seems to be way too preoccupied with herself on air unless a celebrity is present. Unfortunately, sometimes people are not important to her if they are not a mega hit…ugh!

  5. Will be glad to Tamron leave. I always found her annoying (same as Savannah Guthrie) and felt like I had to change the channel each time she came on to do a story.

  6. NBC wants to be more like FOX which is a Trump station, ugh, pretty ugly if they do that, and bringing in Megyn Kelly will absolutely help them accomplish this goal. Tamron Hall over Kelly anytime ! She’s an amazing woman, poised and professional and in no way a bigot like Kelly. Big mistake by NBC, very disappointing.


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