Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Rhymefest Responds to Trump’s Threat to Send the ‘Feds’ to Chicago

*In an opinion piece published via  Crain’s Chicago Business, rapper Rhymefest is responding to Donald Trump‘s Twitter “threat” to send in the “Feds” to do something about the “carnage” in “Chiraq.”

Here is a taste of what he wants tell the new POTUS:

When I saw President Donald Trump’s tweet yesterday about sending “the Feds” to end Chicago “carnage,” I was bewildered by the vague and grim tone of his remarks—even though this isn’t the first time he’s hinted at intervening in the violence crisis that plagues sections of Chicago.

Just last month, the president took a swipe at Mayor Rahm Emanuel, saying he needed to “ask for federal help.” Now it appears Trump wants to send the government in whether or not that help is requested. Is this his personal payback for being run out of the city during the election? Is this revenge on a city that didn’t support him? I wonder, even though I truly want to believe he’s serious about helping us solve our issues.

Still, if President Trump wants to help Chicago, here are some things he could do. He could send officials to help with the African-American unemployment rate in Illinois, which has been the highest in the nation for two years running, much of it centered in Chicago. We would welcome that help.

He could encourage Emanuel to release the more than $400 million in HUD funding being withheld from residents displaced by the demolition of government housing over 15 years ago—residents who were crammed into far South and West side communities with no investment or resources. I’m sure that would be appreciated.

He could make sure his administration’s Department of Justice continues the work of the Obama Justice Department in reforming the tortuous ways of Chicago police, who were proven to be violators of the constitutional rights of citizens for decades. I would personally be honored to help President Trump bring justice to our city.

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