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Bobby Brown AND Ralph Tresvant BOTH Sung Lead on ‘Every Little Step?’ Shhh, it’s Secret! (LISTEN)

*Here’s a little New Edition fun factoid that’s now coming to light. Would you believe that Bobby Brown didn’t sing all the parts of his hit song “Every Little Step?” That’s the word from New Edition’s former manager, Steven Machat.

Machat knows why this happened because he saw it go down. He says that Ralph Tresvant secretly recorded some of the lead parts of the song because Bobby couldn’t. We think you have probably already figured out why. If what he’s saying is true, you have to give Ralph and the other guys props for not spilling the beans in one of those stretches when the guys and Booby weren’t on the same page shall we say. On the other hand, this Machat guy has no problem telling the tale.

He straight up says Ralph was on the song (that was part of Bobby’s 1988 seven-million-selling Don’t Be Cruel album) because Bobby was out of it due to drugs. Yes, Brown was too high to function.

“We did not have a full album because Bobby was not capable of finishing more songs. The beginning and last tracks of the album I did with MCA A&R Louis Silas so the album would be filled with numbers,” Machat told Dazed Digital. “The song ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ is on there three times! Silas begged Babyface and L.A Reid to produce it – Bobby did not show up at the studio. He only came by sometimes to try to sing. And that was an endless wait. Drugs were part of the make-up of this album. Bobby was missing from the studio when we were scheduled to finish ‘Every Little Step’. He was on a drug run and New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant was waiting for him. Babyface and L.A were about to leave, so Ralph filled in. ‘Every Little Step’ has two singers. Bobby and Ralph. Go back and listen to the lead vocals. Then listen to Ralph.”

Well, of course we now you have this big urge to hear “Every Little Step” so we can see if we can actually tell if you can hear any difference. To help you out, just click the player above so you can find out for yourself. We’ve already listened and all we’ll say is that WE can’t hear any difference. It sounds like the same voice to us, so we’ll just have to take Machat’s word that it’s Bobby Brown AND Ralph Tresvant.

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  1. Maybe in the chorus and when he says “Every Little Step” in the fade out that sounds like Ralph. I don’t know about the main lyrics.

  2. U can’t really tell.. but if this is true . I’m proud of Ralph for helping Bobby out as a real friend..But also give him his credit no one will judge Bobby.. regardless !! I am still going to be a fan.. every group his ups and downs ..It’s just how you overcome it..Good work Ralph and Bobby!

  3. I could here the difference, Bobby’s voice is deeper and alittle raspy, and Ralph’s is soft. Ralph actually is singing a lot of the song. You have to actually listen with earphones or quiet.

  4. Maybe in the chorus but that’s bobby singing everything else. listen to his other songs they sound the same.

  5. I always thought there was a little something going on with Bobby’s voice in the beginning of the song, so now I know it wasn’t just studio manipulation of Bob’s voice, but Ralph T. reppin’ for his boy…Kudos to Ralph for never saying this publicly and embarrassing Bobby. I also hear Ralph in the chorus, but Bob did the rapping and sang the chorus, too. I’ve loved this song since it came out, and now I love it more. NE was a family. Family have their falling outs and rough patches, but he love still exists. Love my New Edition!

  6. Funny thing is, his ex-manager has actually stated this before. It just kind of flew under the radar until the movie premiered.

  7. I listened to the song and could not tell the difference. I was most impressed with the choreography.

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