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Rosario Dawson to Play Activist Donna Hylton in Biopic ‘A Little Piece of Light’

Rosario Dawson (L) and Donna Hylton
Rosario Dawson (L) and Donna Hylton

*Rosario Dawson has been cast as activist Donna Hylton in a feature film based on the biography A Little Piece Of Light, according to

The book’s title is said to have been taken from something that happened to Hylton as a child.

According to the story that will be used for the feature film: Growing up in Jamaica, Hylton’s mother first sold her to an American couple in New York. She was 7 years old. Thinking that she was going to Disneyland, she ended up in a very different reality: Hylton would find out that her adoptive father was a pedophile. To get away from him, she would hide in the closet, and when she saw a little piece of light coming through the room, she knew he was on his way to get her.

Donna Hylton
Donna Hylton

Hylton, whose beauty became her curse in a life of sexual abuse, was later arrested at age 19 when she was a high school track star over her involvement in the kidnapping and murder of a Rikers Island real estate agent. She was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison and was put in solitary confinement where she, once again, would see that little piece of light. This time, however, it grew to mean something very different.

Once out of prison in 2012, she would look for that little piece of light in others. And eventually found her calling — fighting for women’s rights alongside her mother figure and women’s rights activist, author Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues).

Rosario Dawson (L) and Donna Hylton
Rosario Dawson (L) and Donna Hylton

Dawson and Hylton are currently looking for a female screenwriter to adapt the book as well as a female director.

“We are all looking for the right female screenwriter and director for A Little Piece Of Light. This is a project for women, by women, of women,” said Dan Pearson, who is repping the material and Hylton’s life rights through his D4 Entertainement. “That’s how it’s got to go. Donna says, ‘Your voice is my voice. My voice is your voice. And together our voice is powerful.’ ” Frank Weimann at the FolioLit literary agency in New York is working with Pearson.

Below, Hylton is interviewed about her participation in the recent Women’s March in Washington:



  1. A little piece of ____ NOT “light”. This vile creature sadistically tortured and KILLED an innocent human being!
    She had a “tough childhood”? Well WHO DIDN’T?

  2. Will the movie depict her murder of an innocent gay man and her violent rhetoric that continues to this day?

  3. Do your research people! She crushed that mans testicles with pliers and tortured him for almost a month until he died. And that was the gentle things she did to him. You want too put a monster like this up on a pedestal! Where is the outrage from the gay community as the man was a homosexual. How she is walking the streets is truly an injustice, and serving your sentence does not remove guilt.

  4. Are you kidding me? I had a horrific childhood and I wouldn’t hurt a fly because of it. The things they did to this man are unforgivable…..forever. She should still be in prison, for the rest of her life. You write this like she is the victim. How her victim suffered. And this is the woman they chose to speak at the Million Women’s march. Now we all know what is wrong with this country. People don’t have souls.

  5. Indeed. Typical media, ignore/hide HIGHLY relevant facts to trivialize a horrible person’s acts

    “her involvement in the kidnapping and murder of a Rikers Island real estate agent. ”

    At the least it’s a TORTURE, kidnapping, and murder.

    More like HORRIFIC TORTURE. But hey, THAT isn’t important…

    “Faux News”, you scumbags. “Faux News”

    “Faux Cough”.

  6. More fake news. This woman is spreading manure everywhere she goes. Yes, she paid her ‘dues’, so now she is a ‘hero’ among a bunch of pantywaist women who can only open their big mouths instead of putting their backs into their lives and actually doing something…work hard at a job, help others, be a real friend and human being, not expect to be mollified just because….. AND, I have to agree with others, that nobody decent will watch a movie about this woman after what she did. NO matter that she ‘paid’ for it in prison, what she did to that man is unforgiveable…. period. She is in the same boat with Soros, Sharpton, etc. the whole bunch who use black people to float a boat of hypocrisy. They themselves inflate and create that great divide called PREJUDICE, even where there is none. It is such a waste of their own and everyone else’s valuable life time.

  7. This is not a woman, this is a subhuman piece of shit. Instead of making a movie about it, put a needle in its arm and put it down

  8. Evil. Pure evil. The sickness of heart that makes a biopic on this?

    Sick. Let’s mock and shout down this idea as filth and wrongness. Promoting the idea that this lost creature should be celebrated?

    Only one reason for it IMO, and they are both physical. Dark skin and a vagina. Hear me roar.

  9. Where is the back-up to her early claims? It’s so easy anymore to make yourself into a victim to try and take away from the crimes you did.
    She had a lot of years to craft and perfect her story. Everyone else involved in the crime was evil but she was just an abused little girl looking for love.

  10. Seriously who in their right mind would make a movie about this sadisticaly evil person? What she did to that poor man was beyond excusable and she shouldn’t be trying to play the victim. Absolutely disgusted.

  11. Thank God for the comments above. I have hope there’s still sanity in the world. I was terrified i would see apologist comments defending this piece of subhuman slime. I possibly would have considered some amount of sympathy for her until she began spewing the same old race-baiting rhetoric and conveniently didn’t mention in her plea about poor moms stealing bread to feed their children, but deliberately omitted that President Trump repeatedly spoke about his concern for the black community, poverty, crime and single mom’s struggles and vowed to do whatever in his power to fix the urban mess that democrats like hillary clinton have exploited for decades to get votes. No wonder the women’s movement is such a laughable charade of hypocrisy and mockery of themselves.
    So screw you, you murderous, tortuous, abusive, unrepentant accomplice. You clearly lack remorse and conscious for your heinous crime. And, it’s clear you may never have had any character.

    She failed in her attempt to malign President Trump for his language he apologized for, not noting he never ever actually abused a woman and has remarkable children who are decent and respectful but she’d love for us to believe his language was equal to abuse women suffer, while she no doubt admires vile music artists like Beyonce and Jayzee who’ve made their fortunes off of lyrics sexualizing and encouraging the oppression , abuse and objectification of women.
    Childhood abuse is something many suffer, white women, too, and they don’t resort to unspeakable gruesome crimes and then act as if they’ve only been victimized !!!!!

    If there’s a boycott of this inexcusable glorification of a sadistic, evil “woman”, now posing as a symbol of human rights, who admitted she agreed to witness a rape to get money for a modeling portfolio and said of her tortured victim during an interview in 1995, “he was going to die anyway” , sign me up!!!

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