Thursday, June 30, 2022

Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Dwarfed by Obama’s – See for Yourself (Photos/Video)

obama & trump inauguration crowds
Barack Obama’s crowd in 2009 / Donald Trump’s crowd in 2017

*We can only imagine how Donald Trump, er, President Trump is processing the fact that his inauguration crown was not nearly as YUGE as Barack Obama‘s was in 2009. Yep, since size matters a lot to him, his ego has got to be limp at this point.

Via Twitter, Dan Gross, the Deputy Communications Director for Planning and Execution for the City of New York, says by his estimation, just 250,000 people attended Trump’s swearing-in.

To illustrate how badass Barack Obama was, in 2009, 1,000,000 people came to town for his first inauguration, but in 2013 for his second term, the attendance almost doubled to 1,800, 000. Wow!

It’s worth nothing that not only was the crowd scarce at Trump’s ceremony on Capitol Hill, but the parade to the White House had more participants than viewers.

Of course the Trump camp is trying to blame the sparse attendance on the weather, but that gets shot down when you remember it was below freezing for Obama’s first inauguration in 2009.

Another way of putting things in perspective is this info from the Washington area transit authority. It says the agency recorded 193,000 trips on the city’s subway system by 11am on Friday (01-20-17). However, in 2009, that number was 513,000. Then in 2013, for Obama’s 2nd inaugural, the same corresponding time period saw 317,000 riders. Heck, even President George W. Bush’s second inauguration saw 197,000 riders by 11am.

Not a good look, Donald.





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