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Susan Kelechi Watson On Her Biggest Challenge with ‘This is Us’ Role

Susan Kelechi Watson

*Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays the wife of adopted son Randall on the hit NBC drama “This Is Us,” says the biggest challenge with her role is “not to make Beth like me.”

“I want you to see a real person. I don’t want you to see a character,” she says. “There’s a fine line in that. Sometimes you can say, ‘I will just do it like me.’ I do things like how Sue will do it and the I deconstruct that so that it lives in me in a real way and then I say, ‘how would we do it through Beth’s eyes?’ And how can we make that flow naturally.”

As notes, Watson graduated from the School of Fine Arts at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and soon thereafter began working on the theater stage. She landed a role on “This Is Us” after what she describes as a “horrible” audition for a play.

“I did not read the script right away,” Watson admits.

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this is us

“I rehearsed a couple of scenes from the script and went in for auditions. It went fine. I went with one casting director and I thought it went pretty well. They called me back for producers. It as funny because I had just gone in for another play that I just bombed. It was horrible. I was so upset and was focused on that. I don’t like to do bad. The next week I came back for the producers. They kept holding me for it.”

On her birthday, Watson received a call from her agent that the network wanted to fly her to LA to read for the part of Beth.

“I went home, read the script, fell in love with it and said ‘I will be on the plane.’”

And the rest is history.

The second half of season one of “This Is Us” returned to NBC on Jan. 10.


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