Friday, July 23, 2021

Alec Baldwin Will Be Back as ‘President Trump’ After the Inauguration: ‘Extra’

(Via Extra) – Actor Alec Baldwin isn’t going to stop playing Donald Trump once Trump is sworn in. While promoting his new ABC game show “Match Game,” Alec broke the news about his “Saturday Night Live” gig.

Baldwin told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, “We’re gonna play him the day after the inauguration; I’m doing ‘SNL’ the day after the inauguration.” He added, “Trump is our head writer. He just hands it to us in a basket with a big bow on it every day.”

Alec, who has been the target of attacks from Trump via social media, said of the President-elect’s response to Meryl Streep after her Golden Globes speech, “He’s very aware of what he is doing.”

alec balewin as donald trump

Baldwin says he has learned a lot about social media as a medium since he first went on Twitter years ago, but pointed out, “To speak to the people, I think it’s not good for that, but Trump thinks it is.”

Politics aside, Alec is having fun hosting “Match Game,” even having some of his celebrity friends on as contestants. “We got great people, they are all incredibly talented, funny people, super famous people. How could we be any luckier than to have Cheryl Hines or to have Caroline Rhea… Jason Alexander and on and on and on.”

Baldwin and his wife Hilaria recently welcomed their third child together, which has affected his decisions. He shared, “A big big part of me doing ‘Match Game’ is so I can stay home, and it’s been a great job, the people are great.” He smiled, saying, “Traveling has become impossible. When my wife and I travel, it’s like Cirque du Soleil — we need a lot of rigging.”




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