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Opinion/The Black Hat: The Black Church Exploits Gays for Their Talents and Condemns Them for Their Lifestyle

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*So let me get this straight, hate-mongers like Kim Burrell and  Shirley Caesar don’t have a problem with allowing gays to sing in the choir and play instruments on Sundays (practically every church has a gay organist), but outside of exploiting them for their GOD-GIVEN abilities, it appears that leaders and ambassadors of the Black Christian Church are extremely prejudiced against the LGBTQ community.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re probably aware that during a recent performance gospel singer Burrell went on a gay-bashing tirade that has since gone viral and sparked nationwide controversy. Not to be outdone, the always-outspoken gospel “legend” Caesar piggybacked on Burrell’s hate-speech by delivering some of her own to a packed audience at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Baltimore. After hearing audio of both women spewing their homophobic rhetoric, I had only one thought: “these idiots ought to shut the f*ck up.”

Not surprisingly, Burrell has released an apology video in response to the massive backlash created by her inflammatory sermon. In the recording, she denies saying “all gays are going to hell” and blamed an “enemy” for manipulating her words.

“We’re not in a war against flesh and blood,” she said. “I came on because I care about God’s creation and every person from the LGBT and anything else, any other kind of thing that is supporting gay … I never said LGBT last night. I said S-I-N and whatever falls in the sin was preached.”

It doesn’t take a cynic to understand that Burrell’s apology was forced in order to preserve her singing career. Hopefully someone levelheaded from Caesar’s inner-circle will convince her to go public with a manufactured apology. However, if this happens, it will only be a ploy to prevent the aging performer from drowning in a sea of scornful criticism. The vulgar and hateful language used by these women in reference to homosexuality is commonplace among many old-fashioned Christians, particularly those within the African American community.

kim burrell

I bet that when Burrell gives concerts, at least one of her background singers is gay. I’m certain that when Caesar’s loud ass performs for her fans, and ruptures their ear drums, she is accompanied by a group of musicians consisting of at least one gay male or female. I’m even sure that Burrell and Caesar each wear the outfits put together for them by a gay stylist.

However, so called Christians like these two winches have a tendency to straddle the proverbial fence. They only interact with gays when it’s convenient — when there’s a job to be done, a song to be sang, or an organ to be played. And ironically, as the rate of homosexuality continues to skyrocket within the African American community, there are many black Christians (like old Caesar and Burrell) who claim to be “full of the holy ghost,” but aren’t willing to exhibit the compassion, understanding, and more importantly, tolerance that Jesus once showed.


Shirley Caesar
Shirley Caesar

The Black Church might be the most hypocritical and opportunistic institution known to man. Nigga preachers will look the other way when gays put gobs of their hard earned money into the collection plate (or offering pan depending on what region you inhabit). The congregation will cheer and convulse when gays sing lead in the choir, or when they play skillful notes on the organ, or when they assemble in costume to perform interpretive dance during a church service. When gays are being used to provide entertainment or encouraged to reach into their pockets, there’s no objection from self-righteous folks like Caesar and Burrell. However, like slave masters, when the leaders of the church are finished being entertained, they relegate homosexuals to a second-class existence. This resembles the relationship that whites once had with blacks during the Jim Crow era — the latter group would perform to the delight of their oppressor, but when the curtains closed and the show was over, everyone involved snapped back into reality and returned to their designated role in society. In the Black Church, it seems the only role available to gays is that of a court jester. They aren’t welcomed as equals, they’re perceived as being afflicted with a satanic disease and thereby unworthy of full citizenship among other, “purer” Christians. So why then are gays being allowed to infiltrate and permeate gospel music, one of the primary tools used by churchgoers to disseminate God’s divine message? It’s clearly a matter of placing personal interest above Christian law. This is why Caesar, Burrell and others have no business demonizing the gay community — they’re people, not shoes that can be stuffed back into the closet (no pun intended) after you’re done wearing them.

The Black Church has created a culture in which corruption and unrighteous are permissible if the end result is beneficial to those in power. This applies to the pastor who uses his platform as a means to build personal wealth and attract women. It applies to the youth leader who secretly harbors an appetite for molesting children. It applies to the gospel artist who integrates secularism into his music. It applies to the evangelist whose thirst for attention and fame outweighs his/her desire to assist the poor and downtrodden. And it applies to so-called Christians like Shirley Caesar and Kim Burrell, who each make a living spreading the word of God, but will bend the rules when convenient. According to the original Bible, all wrongdoing is sin. I’m not of the ilk that believes homosexuality is wrong, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the truckload of issues currently looming over black churches across the country. Look at it this way, if one day gays decide to ditch Christianity, which they probably should, then who’s going to play the organ on Sunday?

cory haywood

The Black Hat is written by  Southern California based  Cory A. Haywood, a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: and/or visit his blog:, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood




  1. when I read what Shirley Caesar said, I was hurt. My mama listened to her every sunday all day, volume on 10!!!! LOL.. I know the pain of having to leave the church. My mother rebuked me on Easter morning in front of the whole church, called me a fairy!! . I’ve never gone to church again. I was thrown out of my house, exposed and embarrassed. That probably why I’ve had a weight problem for 25 years. Fortunately and unfortunately I was taken in by an older male. Things really went downhill then. All I remember was wigs, bright red lipstick and frying dinner every night to Donna Summer. Iyanla: Fix My Life – Call me!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have one comment. Why is the Black Church and it’s”Leaders” focusing on the “sin” of homosexuality?When the “sin” of per-marital sex, and un-wed motherhood goes without any recognition or mention. And we all know there are many women,girls that fit this bill sitting in congregations everywhere.Hell TD Jakes , the Tankards.As far as I can see there .is a crisis within the black community.The breakdown of functioning black families and it is a direct correlation to the lack of respect of life,crime disrespect of the law and all around ratchetness that is tearing us down.The last time I looked our slide into this devastating condition has nothing to do with who someone loves but everything to do with the lack of any type of modeling being demonstrated that would prevent a woman,girl from procreating with men they don’t know, are unsuitable father material. trying to trap a man ,looking to have some thing to love etc Why aren’t the “Leaders” of faith especially the women forging a crusade to regroup our families and protection of our children.Why aren’t they preaching about the breakdown of civility and humanity that our families need right now. Why aren’t the preaching about the horror of how our media depicts these behaviors “Love and Hip Hop”etc..that glamorizes these behaviors to people that don’t realize this lifestyle is counterproductive for us to survive.This right wing anti LGBT agenda was slowly picked up by the for profit mega churches some years back and it has absolutely no weight on our cause.How some one is born and who they choose to LOVE has know place in our platform as a basis of hate. I challenge Ms.Burrell and Ms.Caesar to preach to a cause that would have a more positive impact on our community or would they be afraid of offending their base

  3. Lets face it this is racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic America.
    Did their prophet or whatever he was, preach separation by race? Did he reject so called sinners? Did he demand that his ‘house’ be broken up into misogynistic hate-mongering, racist churches. It’s not possible for any true Christian to belong to any church that exercises division and hatefulness by race or creed or gender, but over there in America, millions of so called Christians preach this rubbish and practice these evils every single Sunday. Thank goodness (almost said god) that I don’t live in such a violent, hateful, divisive country as America and it’s ungodly churches.

    I became an atheist the day I was abused by priests and vicars and ministers as a young transgendered kid and I was only twelve years old. I am now seventy and I’m still a confirmed atheist! I’ve never accepted the superstitious, hypocritical, tyranical mumbo-jumbo that these bullies offer as road to so-called salvation.

    I can easily follow Jesus’s teachings and remain a convinced atheist without ever setting foot in one of those dens of corruption and perversion they call churches.

    Just tremember this poem.

    He that hath a gospel,
    Whereby heaven is won,
    Cameleer or carpenter or magyar’s dreaming son.
    Many swords will wound him,
    Mingling blood with gall,
    But his own disciples will wound him worst of all!!!!!


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