Saturday, May 18, 2024

Glynn Turman was Almost Han Solo?! (WATCH) – Chrissy & John Jet to Miami

*Good grief! Here’s some Hollywood history we didn’t know about until now. Veteran actor Glynn Turman says it’s no big deal that he was passed over for the role of Han Solo in the first “Star Wars” film.

Just knowing that Turman, a black man, was even considered for the role that eventually went to Harrison Ford is mind blowing enough, but when you watch the video above, he’s very reluctant to talk about it.

In the TMZ video, Turman and his wife are seen coming out of Catch Tuesday evening and is asked if George Lucas had in fact approached him first for the iconic role.

He confirms the story and says to check George Lucas’ book, “Skywalker.” Lucas says he wanted to cast Glynn but an interracial couple — Han and Princess Leia — was just too much for the times.

chrissy & john-miami
In other celeb news, as far as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, their Christmas vacay now includes a stint in Miami.

Chrissy, John and their daughter, Luna Simone, were spotted arriving in Miami on Tuesday for what appears to be a post Christmas getaway.

Clad in a printed duster and black pants, Chrissy can be seen pushing the stroller holding her baby girl while John, dapper in black, follows behind, reports HipHollywood. Teigen’s mother, Vilailuck, and a bodyguard also followed suit.

On Monday evening, Chrissy admitted that she’s been silent on social media because she’s been in “packing hell.” When a Twitter follower asked where she’s been, Teigen tweeted: “About to travel. In packing hell but excited!!”


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