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Chris Webber To Address Social Issues With ‘Fearless Or Insane’ Podcast

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*Former Kings star Chris Webber wants to address social issues and lead discussions on hot topics beyond competition with his new podcast “Fearless or Insane” on, which airs a new episode every Tuesday.

Webber intends to “discuss sports and society on many levels, from the importance of protests to overbearing parents in the stands and the impact of LeBron James’ return on downtown Cleveland businesses,” per

“I think they’re just extensions of discussions I have at home with my family and friends,” Webber said. “I wanted to hear a different narrative, and I think everyone has a unique view … Hopefully it’s a show that’s thought-provoking. Hopefully it’s a show that’s entertaining, but I really just wanted to be informative, and I wanted to challenge our normal way of thinking.”

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Webber wants to utilize his new platform for meaningful conversation, and hopes to avoid skewing discussions solely toward his view. He seeks an open exchange of ideas.

“I don’t have a dog in the race,” he said. “I just want to narrate a fair discussion because sometimes I think there’s an agenda already and you can control a discussion so easy. I do not want to do that. I just want to put out information, show people what I like and hopefully inspire conversation.”

Webber had been looking for a way to facilitate deeper discussions, most especially because his upbringing paved the way for his social awareness. While in the NBA, he saw athletes work behind the scenes to improve neighborhoods, and he understands how sports can unify and educate people.

“I’ve heard so much about what the athlete’s role is in society and heard so much about how we didn’t have rights to speak or have an opinion,” he said. “But my personal upbringing refutes that, the way my parents raised me. So those who I admire refute that.”

Webber said athletes can express themselves through various means.

“I think that everyone can speak in their own way,” he said. “Most of it is about how you’re living your life, so I don’t think there’s any pressure on athletes to speak. I don’t think what I’m doing is earth-shattering.”

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