Monday, July 4, 2022

Draya Michele Dishes on her ‘Mint Swim’ Swimsuit Line

Draya Michele

*Draya Michele is more than a former reality star on “Basketball Wives: LA,” The now mother of 2 is a businesswoman. And even though, it’s December, she talked with Jet Magazine about her swimsuit line, “Mint Swim,” in a Q&A.

JET: Mint Swim seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback. What were your reactions to that?

Draya Michele: I was super excited. Every time I posted something, I always get so many comments. For the first time, I think that Mint Swim is getting recognized the right way. The way that I always wanted it to be. I just had to be patient and wait for my time and it’s my time. I’m excited and happy and I couldn’t be more appreciative. You know, it’s a humbling experience and I love it.

JET: What do you think sets your swim collection aside from others out there? What makes yours unique?

Draya Michele: I think just me being the designer sets it aside from other brands. I think that people can relate to me. Often when you see clothing lines that you like, you don’t really know who makes it and I think that people relate with me because they know I’m the designer and already have a understanding of who I am.

JET: Do you plan on expanding the line?

Draya Michele: This year we’ve expanded Mint Swim to plus size and children. I think for the holiday season, I’m going to introduce our loungewear, pajamas, and intimates. There will be something to shop for all year around — not just swim stuff.

JET: Last year you received some backlash about only using models of a certain skin tone. What do you think about that?

Draya Michele: Being in such a public position, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and their thoughts, but some things just aren’t true. A lot of people just don’t do enough of their research. Just yesterday, people were saying “Oh, you don’t use brown skin models” and I had to remind them that you know just a few weeks ago, April 19th actually to be exact, I had a runway show and I used only brown skin models. So you just have to ignore the people that aren’t knowledgeable because if they were, there wouldn’t be any room for them to make a comment like that. You just have to handle things the right way.

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