Friday, August 12, 2022

A&E Plans To Premiere ‘Generation KKK’

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) meeting, South Carolina, 1951. © Heirs of W. Eugene Smith

*My #ThanksTrump hashtag is getting more and more use these days. I’m having fun on Twitter blaming Donald for everything from crowded parking lots at the mall this holiday season to global warming.

One thing we can legitimately thank the president-elect for — damn, it’s still hard to refer to him that way — is the rise in hate crimes and, generally, the emboldened nature of those who would rather divide than unify. One has to wonder whether this TV series would have received a green light by a major network during a calmer, gentler time.

Premiering January 10, the network will present “Generation KKK” as an eight-part documentary series. I’m referring to it colloquially as “The Anti-Roots.”

“Generation KKK” will center on four prominent southern families who have generations of history with the Ku Klux Klan, the southern hate group that’s notorious for their violence and racism. Each featured family has at least one member who wants to leave the group. The show promises to provide insight into the challenges faced by those who have been born into the KKK, and the consequences faced by those who hope to leave. The A&E series also follows anti-hate and peace activists striving to convince members of the Klan to leave.

“This series gives viewers an unprecedented look at what it is like to be born into hate,” Rob Sharenow, the executive vice president and general manager of A&E, said in a statement. “Our producers gained access to Klan families allowing for full immersion into this secret world and its impact on the next generation.”

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