Thursday, May 19, 2022

Female Poet (Jasmine Mans) to Kanye: ‘You Forgot You Black, Boy?’ (WATCH)

*There seems to be a collective loss of interest in all things Kanye West since he emerged from the mental institution and made his first public speaking appearance alongside Donald Trump.

No doubt that there remains plenty of folks who are rooting for him — wishing him a full recovery and anxious to hear whatever music is birthed from his 8-day Illuminati reprogramming.

But there are critics who are over Ye’s shenanigans…. from his obsession with mix racing — to leaving his legacy to a whore and her family of occult Hollywood Handlers and now his endorsement of Trump….there is a shank-eye directed at West, and it’s cutting deep.

After West’s shocking meeting with president-elect Donald Trump on Monday, folks are no longer trying to dissect the rapper’s erratic behavior. Perhaps many would agree that Kanye’s new name should be “Can’t Get Right.”

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Poet Jasmine Mans predicted the rapper’s downfall last December in her poem “Footnotes For Kanye.” She asserts that his marriage to Kim Kardashian distanced Kanye from his black identity…. and we agree!

“When Kim f**ks up the lyrics to ‘The College Dropout’ like them white folks used to f**k up your name, do you pretend not to notice?” Mans recites.

Yeezy’s obsession with materialism and lack of social activism are among the other problematic aspects of West’s life that Mans addresses, The Huff Post notes.

“Can you hear all the black kids calling your name? Wondering why the boy who rapped about his momma getting arrested for the sit-ins didn’t sit-in―-why he traded in his Nat Turner for Ralph Lauren.”

One commenter responded to the poet’s piece by saying: “As much as I’m tired of hearing about Kanye, he owes no one any reassurances about whether he’s still “black” enough for them.”

The statement received the following reply from another commenter: “you are completely missing the point. It’s not about him being ‘Black’ enough, it is about how his fame changed his perspective, and not in a positive way. He seemingly forgot about the struggles he once rapped about, many of the same struggles that the Black children that look up to him today can relate to, that they face.”

Another commenter summed it all up by noting that Kanye’s “Black days are over.”

Do you agree?

Check out the full “Footnotes For Kanye” performance in the video above.


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  1. I think Kanye has many issues (and I mean this seriously. not as snark), and I can’t stand the Kardashians…but your comment about “obsession with race-mixing” really rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, wtf? He’s obsessed with “race-mixing” because his children are biracial? So fucking what if his kids are multiracial! My kids are biracial too and your comment offended both myself, and my husband, who is AA (I’m white). Stop with the obsession about interracial relationships. It’s only a problem if the POC completely turns his or her back on the community and issues he/she came from. I would be less worried about Kanye, and more worried about the ongoing shit-show with Orange Hitler as our incoming President (barf) Elect, and his group of racists and Neo-Nazis that he is appointing to rule our country.

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