Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Kanye Meets With Donald to Discuss ‘Multicultural Issues’ & the Memes Begin (Look!)

kanye/trump meme

Social media erupted Tuesday morning after troubled rap star Kanye West visited President Elect Donald Trump in Manhattan.

We’re not convinced that West is mentally stable enough to be engaging with humans, but there he was in NYC this week, with his blonde hair and accompanied by Kris Jenner’ trick, Cory Gamble…meeting with Trump to discuss “multicultural issues.”

Ye hopped on Twitter to explain to fans why he braved the journey to Trumpland. You recall the last time he mentioned Trump’s name, the Illuminati the powerful white folks who own his career locked his ass up in the mental hospital. But Kanye risked it all yet again because he feels it’s important to have a direct line with the president.

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This writer agrees with the following comment about Kanye’s meeting with Trump:

He went from George Bush doesn’t care about black people to this. I’m guessing everything Trump said about black people doesn’t apply to him because he’s a millionaire. Also, the other black guy that was with him was Kris Jenner’s boyfriend. Kanye is a joke.

As expected, several memes have been birthed from Kanye and Trump’s union:

kanye/trump meme

kanye/trump meme

kanye/trump meme

kanye/trump meme

Kanye, who is said to be in NYC to interview psychiatrists, remained mostly mum when pressed by reporters.

Asked to comment about the meeting and his plans to run for president in 2020, Mrs. Kardashian (cause we all know he wears the dress in the relationship with Kim) said: “I just wanted to take a picture right now.”

Below is a clip of Trump and West being questioned by reporters:

President elect #DonaldTrump meets with #KanyeWest: “We’ve been friends for a long time.”

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  1. Someone needs to tell Konye West, When you go out into public places, (“Trump Tower”) Show up with some hair, leave your coveralls at the farm, Wash your Face and Hands leave the dog collar at the farm, and demonstrate you know how to act in public!


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