Monday, September 20, 2021

New Magazine Aims To Help Black Professionals Advance In Their Career

pivot magazine

*A new magazine called Pivot aims to provide information and development advice to help people of color advance in their career.

“I felt that there was a void in the area of career development for African-American corporate professionals,” Glenda Swain, editor-in-chief of Pivot magazine, told The Huffington Post via email. “There are plenty of publications that target African Americans, but very few, if any, that had the focus of career development and helping readers shore up their skills in case they wanted to ‘pivot’ into a new job, career, or start a business.”

Earlier this year she launched a digital edition of Pivot for affluent black professionals. The publication aims to provide readers with “the information, motivation and inspiration they need to move their careers to the next level,” she said. The print issue of the quarterly magazine premiered Oct. 1.

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According to The Huff Post, Pivot features content on image consulting, skill building and career planning as well as profiles of corporate executives who offer career advice.

Pivot also plans on hosting a career development symposium annually starting in August 2017 to help people before conference recruiting for job season kicks off. The publication also launched a non-profit created to help women of color in underserved communities gain access to the resources that can help them get back into the workforce or switch fields.

“When I thought about publishing this magazine, I knew I didn’t want to just disseminate information,” Swain said. “I wanted to create a steady dose of pertinent and relevant content that is useful to our readers in their careers, and if just one person made a move to help better themselves, then Pivot has accomplished its goal.”

Ny MaGee
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