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Lee Daniel’s A-List Cast of ‘Star’ to Premiere on Fox Dec. 14

Star, Lee Daniels
‘Star’ Premieres on Fox Dec. 14

*We are less than a day away from the series premiere of “Star” on Fox, debuting next Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 9PM.

Created by Lee Daniels, “Star” features an A-list cast including Queen Latifah, Tyrese Gibson, Lenny Kravtiz, Benjamin Bratt and newcomers, Jude Demorest, Brittany O’Grady and Ryan Destiny.

In advance of the series debut, check out a few images clips from the premiere episode.

star, Lee Daniels
Lee Daniel’s A-List Cast of ‘Star’ Premieres on Fox Dec. 14

star, lee daniels
Lee Daniel’s A-List Cast of ‘Star’ Premieres on Fox Dec. 14

Star, Lee Daniels
Star debuts on fox Wed. Dec 14.

aabout1234 aabout123 aabout1Featuring a soundtrack of original music and stunning music performances, “Star” is an emotionally powerful drama that follows three talented young singers — desperate for a new start and with ambitions of stardom — as they navigate the cut-throat music business.

The series stars Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award, Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Queen Latifah (“Bessie,” “Bringing Down The House”) as Carlotta and Emmy Award nominee Benjamin Bratt (“24: Live Another Day,” “Law & Order”) as Jahil, and newcomers Jude Demorest as STAR, Ryan Destiny as Alexandra, Brittany O’Grady as Simone and Amiyah Scott as Cotton.

The series also will feature guest stars Grammy Award winner Lenny Kravitz (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “The Hunger Games”), supermodel/actress Naomi Campbell (Empire) and Grammy Award-nominated musician and actor Tyrese Gibson (“2 Fast 2 Furious”).

Spotlight: Queen Latifah as Carlotta 

STAR is a production of 20th Century Fox Television in association with Lee Daniels Entertainment. Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy are the creators and executive producers of the series. Pamela Oas Williams and Effie Brown also serve as executive producers. Chuck Pratt is an executive producer and serves as showrunner of the series.

Lenny Kravitz is Roland Crane 

Benjamin Bratt Plays A Character Based on Lee Daniels 

Teaser: You Can Be Anything You Want in This Life 







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