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Mike Epps Denies Gay Fan’s Accusations That He’s Homophobic

Mike Epps homophobic

*Mike Epps had an unfortunate encounter with a fan during a post-show meet and greet, and now he’s defending himself against the fan’s accusations of being homophobic.

It all went down during Epps’ recent show at Improv Theater in NYC where rising social media personality Norman Freeman was in the audience and became the center Mike’s jokes throughout the night because of his androgynous look. notes that Freeman didn’t take the comments personally because, as a comedian himself, he understood it was all in fun…until he approached Epps for a picture and was denied.

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Mike Epps homophobic
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After Epps allegedly refused the photo-op, Freeman whipped out his phone and began recording Mike posing for pictures with other fans. He posted the footage on Instagram, and he can be heard on the video blasting Mike. “Mike Epps, you got a little a– d–k, you homophobe,” Freeman shouts in his direction. When Mike approaches Norman to ask what the problem is, he continues to go off. “You’re a homophobe. You wouldn’t even take a picture with me because I’m gay. You even said it out your own face. But it’s ok, cuz b-tch, I’m viral too.”

Speaking of being “viral,” one commenter said Freeman, “set that up for attention and to get followers. He knows Mike epps is a COMEDIAN and will make jokes. This fool was looking for his “big opportunity” “.

Norman had to be removed from the premises by security, check out video of the moment below, along with Freeman’s IG post on the incident. The look on Mike’s face as he’s being berated is classic.

Now that the incident has gone viral, Mike took to Instagram to address the encounter — denying that he’s homophobic, and adding in the comments that the fan who attacked him “was trying to go viral,” and added that Freeman was “wild the whole show.”

He went on to say that it’s not possible for him to be homophobic because “I work in a biz full of gay people.”

mike epps gay fan


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