Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Erykah Badu Hosted ‘Soul Train Awards’ Sneak Preview with Teyana Taylor, Anderson Paak & Draya Michele (WATCH)

*Could anything this year top Teyana Taylor‘s reintroduction in Kanye West “Fade” video?

That’s just what we were wondering when we caught up with her at this year’s “Soul Train Awards” (hosted by Erykah Badu) in Las Vegas earlier this month.

It was not too long ago that she literally had America hanging off the edge of their seats clinging to her every move as she served us body and so much more!

We all can remember the 16 year old Teyana on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” who just wanted to make it in the music business. Well, fast forward to 2016 and she is doing just that!

Confidently breaking ceilings, Teyana has had an epic year. From establishing new rules around relationship goals to inspiring new possibilities with body goals, Teyana tells EURweb correspondent Loren LoRosa she has had so many highlights this year that she will always remember (all of them) as her best moments of the year, but there is one that tops them all.

“My baby’s birth (I had her on my bathroom floor) is definitely one of my most memorable/favorite moments of this year and my entire life.”

Nominated for Best Dance Performance put Teyana up against some pretty big names such as Usher, Beyonce and Rihanna. The Fade video produced by Kanye West pivoted the young singer, actor and dancer to new heights, helping the world realize what she already knew, Teyana Taylor is a a force to be reckoned with!

*A few years ago Anderson Paak was a up and coming music artist and producer watching his favorite celebs at the “Soul Train Music Awards.”

This year, he’s not only attending the awards but performing on the same stage as some of music’s greatest acts! After being taken under the wing of one of the biggest influences of the hip hop generation, Dr. Dre, and signed to Aftermath Records, Paak has seen his life change dramatically.

Aftermath Records has produced some of the most legendary artist of our time including NWA and Eminem and now, joining the roster, is the conscious artist from Oxnard, California. Being under the wing of such a legendary shadow can often result in a huge amount of success super-fast or not enough success in what some may perceive as a hindering influential shadow. Taking it all one day at a time Anderson is just happy to be here!

“The Dr. Dre thing was huge for me, that launched me into like a whole new stratosphere.”

Anderson joked with EURweb correspondent Loren LoRosa as he looked back on some of his favorite Soul Train Award moments as someone watching from home dreaming of a career within the music industry.

“I remember watching the Soul Train Awards from home and watching Snoop & Dre on the awards, and being able to continue Dre’s Legacy is huge for me”

*It’s no secret that red carpets are all about the fashion, beauty, glitz and glam that we see on our TV screens.

Bringing fashion to the “Soul Train Awards” carpet, we caught up with newly crowned fashion and business staple, Draya Michele wearing a hand beaded gown from NYC designer Lebronstein.

Draya has definitely progressed from the reality star who some thought would never live down her “Your hoe-ness can be deleted lifestyle.”

Now, a well respected symbol of feminism and sexy, Draya tells EURweb correspondent Loren LoRosa she takes pride in knowing who she is and not letting anyone taint that.

“This is all new for me, I just had to find the clothes that fit my body. You have to dress appropriately, I was into the tight clothes that showed my figure now I would rather be in a suit and let the sexy speak for itself.”

The “Basketball Wives LA” alum discussed her journey in the industry, the “new Draya” she says we are all going to have to get use to, and her excitement for some of her most anticipated moments of the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards.

“ I know Erykah is going to be funny and full of jokes. I am so excited for Brandy and to see her, every time I see her it’s still just like, ‘Oh My God, I love you!’ And we actually know each other, but every time I see her I have to tell her.”

BET and Centric TV will be kicking off the 2016 Soul Train Awards hosted by the queen of hip herself, Erykah Baduh on November 27. With a star studded nominee list including Beyonce, Brandy Norwood, Teyanna Taylor, Drake and so many more the night is guaranteed to be full of surprises. Don’t miss the live performances, special guest and good times airing on BET at 8pm. For more info, head over to BET.




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