Sunday, December 5, 2021

Draya Michele Speaks on Growth as a Woman at 2016 Soul Train Music Awards!

*It’s no secret that red carpets are all about the fashion, beauty, glitz and glam that we see on our TV screens.

Bringing sexy and fashion to the Soul Train Awards carpet, we caught up with newly crowned fashion and business staple, Draya Michele wearing a hand beaded gown from NYC designer Lebronstein.

Draya has definitely progressed from the reality star who some thought would never live down her “Your hoe-ness can be deleted lifestyle.”

Now, a well respected symbol of feminism and sexy, Draya tells EURweb correspondent Loren LoRosa she takes pride in knowing who she is and not letting anyone taint that.

“This is all new for me, I just had to find the clothes that fit my body. You have to dress appropriately, I was into the tight clothes that showed my figure now I would rather be in a suit and let the sexy speak for itself.”

Draya Michele

The “Basketball Wives LA” alum discussed her journey in the industry, the “new Draya” she says we are all going to have to get use to, and her excitement for some of her most anticipated moments of the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards.

“ I know Erykah is going to be funny and full of jokes. I am so excited for Brandy and to see her, every time I see her it’s still just like, ‘Oh My God, I love you!’ And we actually know each other, but every time I see her I have to tell her.”

Of course Loren poked at the idea of her rejoining the cast of “BBLA” for another season. Who doesn’t miss the drama that pivoted Draya to one of the leading forces on the show? As far as that happening, well … lets just say Draya is not here for that sound bite, not even wanting the mention the name of the show during her interview.

“I might want to have my own show one day, who knows? I will not be going back to reality TV though. I’m just learning, just getting more mature as I get older. People are so use to that old Draya, but she doesn’t live here anymore.”

Draya Michele will actually be making an appearance on the 2016 Soul Train Awards set to air on November 27 at 8pm. Don’t miss the live performances, special guest and good times!




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