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Deion Sanders Reacts To $1M Lawsuit Over Son’s Attack On School Employee

Deion Sanders

*Pro football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his ex-wife are at the center of a lawsuit filed by an insurance company that’s alleging their son severely beat an employee at his Texas high school for trying to take away his cell phone.

Now, exclusively reports that Sanders is responding to the $1 million dollar lawsuit, which accuses him of failing to supervise his son. He is demanding the entire case be tossed out of court.

Here’s the latest: On November 8th, Deion returned to court to address the $1 million dollar lawsuit against him and his ex-wife Pilar. He denies that his son Shilo assaulted employee John Darjean, and he is demanding that Darjean hand over evidence to support his allegations. Further, he is demanding that the accuser walk away with nothing from his million dollar suit and for all claims against him to be thrown out of court.

Here’s the backstory: Dallas-based FOCUS Learning Academy employee John Darjean required spinal surgery after Shilo Sanders assaulted him for preventing the teen from using his phone during school hours as per school rules, according to the lawsuit filed by Utica Mutual Insurance Co.

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deion sanders

Darjean filed suit against Deion and his ex-wife Pilar in Dallas County Court demanding in excess of $1 million dollars in damages for the brutal attack at the hands of their child. The incident sent him to the hospital where he was required to undergo spinal surgery for his injuries.

The insurance company covers workman’s compensation claims for the school, and the suit seeks at least $26,500 from the Sanders family, arguing that the insurance company would not have had to pay Darjean’s medical bills had the “physical assault” not happened.

The suit alleges that Shilo’s parents knew he had “a history and propensity to engage in reckless, careless and harmful conduct.”

Surveillance cameras at the school captured the altercation on video, the lawsuit said.

The suit also says Darjean might require medical treatment for the rest of his life. He claims to have suffered physical pain and mental anguish, including disfigurement, along with loss of wage earning capacity. He also claims to have racked up numerous but necessary medical bills for psychological, psychiatric, therapeutic, pharmaceutical and various hospital care and rehab services.


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