Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Parties on Hurt Ankle She Wants $5M For

Dominique Sharpton

*The Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter supposedly suffered permanent damage to her ankle when she stumbled in a city pothole, but that didn’t stop her from #TurningUp and jet-setting with her beau.

Dominique Sharpton’s deposition in her $5 million lawsuit against the city was obtained by The Post, and in it, she admits to attending a birthday celebration and concert for her father just hours after the incident.

“I was walking to cross the street, and my foot went into something and caused me to fall,” 30-year-old Dominque testified during her July deposition, according to documents. “I heard a snap,” she recalled. Sharpton said she was wearing flat boots at the time.

Sharpton acknowledged that she changed into a dress and “some shoes . . . probably black, flat shoes” to go to the party, before finally heading to the emergency room. At the hospital, “they said nothing was broken.”

During the three-hour depo, she also revealed that she can no longer “dive off a diving board, go skiing . . . or go run marathons.”

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dominique-al-sharptonWhen City Attorney Michelle Fox asked if she was “a runner before,” Sharpton admitted, “Not necessarily. But if I, you know, if I needed to do it and exercising or something like that, I was capable of it. Now, I can’t.”

The Post notes that she: “underwent physical therapy, wore a therapeutic boot, used crutches for a few weeks and got an injection after swelling in her ankle didn’t subside. She eventually had surgery for ligament tears. ”

The injuries didn’t stop her from dancing in heels, taking a dozen trips to Miami to visit her fiancé, touring the country in a play, and hiking a mountain in Bali.

Sharpton claimed under oath that she can only wear heels “for a short amount of time.”

“It’s really annoying,” she said. She attempted to downplay her two-hour hike in Bali by saying she was helped by two people and “had to take a lot of breaks.”

“There were times I didn’t think I was going to make it,” Sharpton said.

Back in June, The Post reported that Dominique Sharpton had missed four scheduled depositions in six months, so the city lawyer asked a judge to toss her $5 million slip-and-fall lawsuit against the city.


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  1. al sharpton can borrow the 1.3 million dollars he owes to the government in back taxes if she wins. for someone that owes so much back taxes he still complains about how things are going in the race relations. maybe now that obama is on his way out trump can collect them back taxes sharpton owes.

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